Revel studio or B&W 802 Nautilus

got the 802 B&W,been offered a pair of Revel Studio.Im useing M/L 335 & 308 pre. would the Revels be better than the 802s can't listern to the Revels.
I liked the Revel Studios better myself. They are a natural given your amplifier. The Revels are designed to use Mark Levinson equipment.) The Revels do pretty much everything very well (i.e. soundstage, image, frequency response, etc..) The bass is very good, but does not quite go down as far as the very best speakers, such as the Revel Salons.

(However, it is difficult to recommend you buy speakers without YOU listening to them first.)

My two cents worth.
Go for the Revels!
I'm a fan of Revel's - using the Ultima System myself with McIntosh tubes - even when the Revels ar NOT built for ML gear (who in the world told you that, Kurt_Tank??)
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Who do you think owns the Revel?

Harmon International.

Care to guess who owns Mark Levinson?

When I stated that they are designed to use Mark Levinson gear (especially amplification equipment) it is because they use ML gear in the design process. This is not to say that other gear does not work great with them too. I have heard other Revel owners having great luck with Krell and other high quality amplification lines, including tube equipment.

I am sure your McIntosh equipment works great as well!