REVEL Sub-15 / LE-1 or AERIAL SW-12's.........

REGARDLESS OF PRICE, if given the opportunity to have
a pair of Sub-15s with one LE-1 OR a pair of Aerial SW-12s, which would you go with?

I am trying to determine which is better in a 60/40 theater/music system?

With this level of sub, I don't think fronts make a difference, since they would be blend with many speakers.


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Thanks, Mike from Fs_audio! I just KNEW you would chime in with a Talon Roc recommendation, and rightfully so (I was itching to do so myself but refained because I've not done all of the relevant comparisons that you have). Something to look into Dan.
I have the Revel Sub-15s and they are truly amazing, so much like real concert bass. (And I have been to The Who, Chris Isaak, Eagles, Bonnie Raitt, CSNY, and Eric Clapton this year.)
Look folks they are all great. Listen to them and then make a choice. It really comes down to a matter of taste.