Revel Ultima Studio 2??

I have my heart set on these speakers based on reviews and aesthetics but unfortunately up here in Portland Oregon there are no dealers that carry the Ultima 2 line. I am keeping my eye on Echo Audio hoping that a used pair shows up that I can actually listen to before dropping 8K plus on without hearing them first. I would be grateful if there is anyone in the area that has the Studios, Gems, or the Salons that would let me listen to their set up so I could hopefully confirm these are the next speaker for me and jump on the next piano black pair that shows up on Audiogon. Just for reference I currently have a 5.2 set up with Aperion Verus grands for the front three, jl f112 and svs sb 13 ultra for the subs, Emotiva XPA-2 and ERC-3, and Pioneer Elite SC-61 as the receiver. I feel like my set up sounds amazing but find myself with the upgrade bug and just wondering how much better things could really sound with the Revels. Any input would be greatly appreciated by this relatively new audiophile.

You need to upgrade your electronics before thinking about a near reference level loudspeaker.
I would agree with Dayglow. Revel speakers require very good source equipment to get the best sound. The Emotiva and Pioneer equipment aren't up to the task. Once you upgrade, keep an eye out for the older Revel studio's, they are an excellent speaker. I listened to a pair at Echo a few years back.
It's generally accepted to assemble an audio system around the speaker system? The Ultimas are highly regarded by many as a reference level speaker system which should be extremely helpful when auditioning everything else in your current and future system. I think many would agree that the Ultimas outclass the rest of your system.

IMO not being able to audition a pair of Ultimas wouldn't prevent me from passing on an attractive deal. You're about to jump into the big water, have fun!
Hi Scott,

I have owned the first generation Revel Studios since 1999. I agree with the previous comments made by fellow Goners. The Revels are very resolving and will not reveal their full glory without good wires and electronics. You needn't spend a fortune but I would not try to drive them with less than 100 watts of amplification. I run mine on a tube preamp with a SS amp. A used Rogue preamp and a used Pass Labs stereo amp of about 150 watts would be a great match or if you want tubes all the way through get a pair of used Rogue M150s or 180s. I have heard that combo with the Revels a few years ago at RMAF in Robin Wyatts room and it was sublime. If you want SS all the way through by all means look at Pass Labs or Bryston. Good Luck!
Thanks for all the responses guys, sorry I didn't even realize that anyone had posted otherwise I would have commented sooner. I now have the new emotiva XPA-1 monoblocks as opposed to the XPA-2. These should be sufficient for the Revels right? I truly realize the pioneer is the weak link but I am going to wait a year or so to upgrade that as I want something with true 4K ability (60fps/HDMI 2.0 HDCP 2.2 etc). There is a guy selling some nice looking studio 2's on here in the black I want for 8K but I am still hesitant without hearing them how much of an upgrade they would be over the Aperions considering I have near reference quality subwoofers handling 80hz and below. I am afraid of paying all that money for the bass ability of the studios when I will not even be using that ability due to the nice subs. Any further input would be greatly appreciated.