Revel Voice 2 vs. Studio 2?

My current surround system consists of L/R Revel Salon 2, C/SR/SL Revel Studio 2. Multichannel audio by SACD is of critical importance to me. (I once had a system of 5 identical speakers for MC). I used to have a 60" plasma, on the wall just above the center Studio 2. I have moved into a larger room, and am planning to do a projector/screen setup. With the height of the center Studio 2, it will limit the size of screen I can install. So I am considering switching to the Voice 2. Wondering what people think the impact will be on my music surround setup. I currently convert DSD-> PCM and do some processing of the signal, so redirection of additional bass from the center channel to the R/L I think is not that big a deal. I am wondering how seamless a soundstage I will get with the speaker change.
I would try to use a perforated screen which would allow you to keep the studio2 center. The new acoustically transparent screens are quite good.
I am planning to keep the center channel well away from the front wall, closer to the listener than where the screen will go.