Review: Acoustic Zen Tsunami Power cord

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I recently purchased the Pass X-250 amp and although I enjoyed the sound, I did not hear the full potential of the amp until about 4 hours ago. I had tried the JPS Labs Power AC cable on the Pass and then I switched to the Audience power cable because it had a slighty clearer sound and slightly more dynamic than the JPS power cable. The dealer where I purchased the Pass from lent me the AZ Tsunami power AC cable and a Synergistic Master Coupler with active shielding AC power cord. I preferred the Audience power cord on the Pass until I plugged in the AZ Tsunami. All I can say now is WOW. The music justed flowed. The Pass amp became very relaxed. The cord added detail, separation, smoothness, refinement, wider and deeper sound stage, dynamics, lower bass frequencies versus the Audience which sounded slightly edgy in the high frequencies and made the Pas sound slightly stressed. The Pass by nature in my system sounded more relaxed than a number of amps I auditioned before deciding on the Pass. Now I am so glad I choose the Pass. I love this amp and this hobby. I have just finished listening to a number of CDs and I have not wanted to do that in a very long time. I also heard the same impact on my system with the AZ Hologram speaker cables that the dealer lent to me but I had to return before this power cord was lent.

Listening to Pat Barber's cafe blue was just fantastic, the drums and bass were so detailed and dynamic I could not believe the change in my system. I even put on the Beatles Abbey Road and that el cheapo CD even sounded great.

BYW I also tried the AZ on my Sony CD player versus the JPS digital power AC cord and I preferred the JPS on the Sony. The sound became relaxed and very smooth but I think it lost some dynamics or was too relaxed versus the JPS on the Sony. Go figure. Anyway, now I am going to have to try the AZ Karkatoa, Shunyata and Synergistic higher priced cord to see what else they can do for my system.

I cannot recommend enough to Pass X-250 owners to go try this cord on that amp.

Happy Listeing.

Associated gear
Sony SCD-777ES, AZ Silver Ref. RCA IC, BAT VK-30SE, AZ Silver Ref. RCA IC, Pass Labs X-250, monster spool speaker wire, B&W Matrix 803 series II speakers.

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Here is a response I received today from AZ on the MKI & MKII AC cords.

The MkII excels over the previous MkI, the biggest differences is the MkII is much more neutral.The MkI had an emphasis in the upper mid-range, that was removed in the MkII. The MkII is indicated on the label, however if a Tsunami was purchased on or after April and was received directly from Zen, it is a un-announced MkII.
I hate to pick nits, but Patricia Barber would not be happy with you calling her "Pat." Just be careful if you ever chat with her at the Green Mill on Monday nights!!