Review: Aragon 8008 BB Amplifier

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I bought this used from a fellow audiogoner after he assured me I would be floored by the difference in quality I would soon experience. Let me just say that he was right, my movie watching (sadly) has gone way down. I just can't stop listening to music on my "new" system. I have never heard my speakers until now. The Aragons dual mono design and my Pre is dual mono as well, has given me outstanding imaging despite the limitations of my small listening area. Bass is now there! deep and powerful, no more listening fatigue or digititis! Blues, hard rock, classical, all sound great. I have been inspired to buy many remastered editions of my favorite albums because the better the recording, the more this baby shines. I thank the stars I bought this and now I'm looking at a BPT ac product to get my system the high quality current it now deserves.

Associated gear
Musical Fidelity Pre amp
Cal Audio Labs Alpha-Delta
Mirage M5si Bi Polar speakers

Similar products
None in this league, though I did upgrade from Adcom separates

You should get the benefits of common mode rejection with a balanced transformer that plugs into 115VAC power, like the BPT unit provides. I haven't used them myself, but the BPT power conditioners have received excellent reviews.

As far as your dedicated circuit is concerned, you should be fine with 12awg wire, especially if the wire length is relatively short. Personally, I like to use 10awg or larger wire, but I have fairly long wire runs.

Concerning the repair to your amp, I also shorted one of the speaker outputs when I first bought my amp. The result was blown fuses which I easily replaced, but when I called Aragon to see if I should send it in to be checked, they told me the internal component specs well exceeded the fuse rating and that nothing should be hurt, which it wasn't. I just wonder if your local repair shop was maybe a little less than honest with you - just wondering.

Again, I hope this helps. :o)
I was told the same thing by Aragon, but since Zar's unit was used, it may be that there was an improper fuse in the rail, for example, slo blow versus fast blow which failed to protect. Fuse replacement can be confusing as different designations are used by different manufactors.
I see what yer saying. I blew a fuse, but it wasn't nearly as complicated as what you did.
Hi guys. Well, as for the repair shop, I know the guys brother so I hope not. He did show me the blown transistor he had to replace.
Hello Zar , nice synergy factor as Ive heard and strongly considered the 8008BB as well at one time after hearing these drive some Martin Logans exceptionally well. As your commenting on these fine amplifiers might I add in the beautifully musical sound of your Mirage speakers as I also own the Mirage OM6 with Plinius amplification which is sonnically very similar to Aragons in a very full range 5.1 system with tubes in my sources, and may I, suggest you try some tubed sources.Any time I try going back to transistor sources my speakers staging loses a degree of dimensionality or sense there of, in all aspects though I feel the Mirages are a very underrated non-anylitical speaker', few approach these IMHO in terms of rich instrumental tones along with "in room" vocal presence, terrific dynamics that provide that "lifelike musically cohesive" sound that just pulls you in and allows one to be immersed in your favorite recordings and alleviate that "annalysing your sound factor".The Mirage speakers also image surprisingly well when better electronics are interfaced in ones setup as I started with Onkyo recievers then Adcom seperates and finnaly all Plinius SA102s in dual mono with theyre P8 on my center and SA100mk3 on surrounds , M8 preamp ect...The Mirage OM6 has been a very transparent window to my source and associated equipment allowing audible changes down to my Transparent and recently Siltech cabling, excellent speakers! Anyhow enjoy your Aragon as it truly is an exceptional sounding amplifier--you found it! Nice job--ENJOY... Regards/// Tim W...