Review: Argent Audio Pursang Super Speaker cable

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Let me begin my product review by stating that I personally believe quality cables are important as clean power (including dedicated lines) and good electronics are. Now, I am not saying that one must spend a bundle of money in order to achieve a quality and satisfying sound. Rather, I have strived in my own personal way (and taste) to achieve the most satisfying sound that I can possibly get with cables, components, and speakers within my budget and experience, hoping to have a well rounded digital system without a single glaring weakness.

I too am afflicted with the upgrade bug, and at times I haven't batted an eye in spending more than I wanted to. Often, the quest for audio Nirvana has taken a heavy toll on my wallet, and I am not the exception to the rule. For years, I have changed from one cable (interconnects, power cords, and speaker cables) to another, until finally I unexpectedly settled on cables designed and manufactured by Ric Cummins of Argent Audio and Rosinante.

Almost two years ago, I took a chance and purchased Argent Audio silver speaker cables (sight unseen and unheard). I was pleasantly surprised by the performance of the Jaden Standard speaker cable and considerably liked them over the copper cables I had been using. The Jaden was superior in every way, especially in tonal balance, liveliness, detail, and clarity, without sounding bright or edgy. I have since succumbed to purchasing cable
upgrades from Argent Audio (Jaden Signature, the Pursang, and recently, the Pursang SUPER). Argent Audio cables are high end products with the latter, "the Pursang SUPER," being Ric's finest cable to date. However, I have and continue to audition the latest cables (interconnects, speaker, and power cords) from different cable designers or manufacturers.

I recently received the "Pursang SUPER" 8-foot speaker cable, which I have since purchased. The Pursang SUPER is not advertised or mentioned in the Argent Audio website,, however, I am told the retail price is $2,700.00 for an 8-foot length versus $1,575.00 for an 8-foot STANDARD Pursang cable. Comparatively speaking, the Pursang SUPER is a notch or two superior to the STANDARD version, with clearly better bass or bottom-end dynamics, detail, clarity, and transparency. I consider this upgrade to be significant since the STANDARD Pursang, not SUPER, is in my opinion a high resolving cable and worthy to fit into a high resolving audio system. The difference, the Pursang SUPER has a greater degree to cut through or flesh out the tiniest details. I listened to many big band and orchestral cd recordings in order to determine whether or not back row musicians were better aligned and proportionate in size and detail with front row performers. The Pursang Super delivered the performance I desired in spades, with an "in the room" experience, clearly separating instruments in their own space and making it easy to identify the players and hear the recording studio or night club venue (with live recordings). Quite a haunting and holographic experience, which is one reason why I enjoy and favor Argent Audio cables.

I usually do not relish mentioning which manufacturer or designer is superior to the other since I respect the risks that business operators take. Ideally, I wish every business operator is successful. However, I would like to make an exception in this case. Recently, I and a very good friend of mine conducted a shootout between the Nordost Valhalla and the Pursang SUPER speaker cables. The shootout was done at my friend's home with an Art Audio PX-25 amp, First Sound Paramount pre-amp, Beauhorn speakers, BPT 3.5 Signature power conditioner, Burmester conditioner, Evans "the Groove" phono stage, and Frank Kusma turntable. Both, Valhalla and Pursang SUPER, are superb cables and I wish to compliment these manufacturers. In my personal opinion, the result was very close, with a nod to the Nordost Valhalla for having slightly better tonal balance and speed at the bottom. However, the Pursang SUPER had its share of pluses and it would not be inconceivable, in my opinion, if another listener would favor the Pursang Super.

Associated gear
David Berning ZH-270 Tube Amplifier
Forsell Air Reference Transport or Muse Transport
Audio Logic 2400 DAC
JM Labs Utopia Diva Speakers
Legacy Focue 20/20 Speakers
BPT 3.5 Signature Power Conditioner
Purist Audio Dominus RCA Digital Cable
Argent Audio Pursang RCA Interconnects
Lovan Stand (4 shelves)
Walker Audio SST (all connections)
FIM Shelp and Stillpoints (under amp)
Arcici Air Head & IsobaseK (under transport)
Arcici Air Head & Clear Light pucks and cones (under DAC)
Electraglide Ultra Khan 2 Statement (with amp)
Electraglide Mini Khan (with transport)
Electraglide Mini Khan Plus (with DAC)
Room Size: 30' x 18' x 12'

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