Review: Audio Aero Prima cd CD Player

Category: Digital

I have auditioned many CD players, but none have fit the
price VS. value like the Prima 24/192.Mine is not in current production but there are professional reviews in
the Inner Ear and Soundstage.Not the Capitole but at 25%
of the price there are somethings which you just have to
wait til later .
Alive sounding and with natural sound and pace. Realism
that still amazes me and is the main reason I fell for it.
The Maggies are a very revealing spkr and the better the
components you feed them the better they sound.
I listen to jazz,fusion,blues,folk,old rock but use only
a few favourites for auditions.Patricia Barber,'Companion',
Allison Krauss,'Forget About It',Mark Hollis's,without
Talk Talk , All the Pretty Horses soundtrack,'American
Beauty'score soundtrack.
Objectionable sounds--digitisis,fragmentation of musicians
and their instruments,noise, & crappy resolution.
Would I keep this player ? Yes ,at least until I can afford a used Capitole on A'gon.

Associated gear
Accuphase preamp C280L,Sim W-5,
Maggie 1.6 QR , Golden Cross and Hexlink interconnect and spkr wires,
Blue Circle power cords,PS Audio high
current outlet.

Similar products
AA Capitole,MF nuvista,Meridian 508-24,
Naim CD5,Anthem CD1.
This is the first review, although there aren't many, that have taken,just, a little of the wind out of my sails, concerning the purchase of this baby. I have listened to many cd players and this one, hands down, has blown away the competition. "Digitisis, fragmentation of instruments, crappy resolution?" I didn't have the luxury of listening to the Prima in my home system, but I didn't come up with what you heard. I think I have a pretty discerning ear, and I'm, now, just a bit confused. I was truly overwhelmed (especially for the price) by this baby and am still excited about the purchase. Your review is not disuading me, but your listening experiences do interest me. Would you elaborate a little more about your negative experiences? The Capitole, at a great used price, is still more than twice the price of a new Prima. Different league here.
You compared it with some other very respected players, can you comment on your thoughts of the others in comparison?
My review may have misled you all.The A'gon asks that in the review you should include what sounds I think are objectionable.I only answered what was asked.Many players sound digital and lifeless and have 'crappy
The Prima has none of these problems.It is anti digital,
has the greatest realism,and super dynamics.
The Naim CD5 sounded dull but musical,the Capitole,the best
but out of my range,the Nuvista,the best product yet by
Musical Fidelity again pricey and without balanced outputs,
the Meridian,ah i'd rather listen to the music and not the
player ,thank you very much.IMHO.
Hope this straightens things out.Much SORRY !!!
I wouldn't trade this player for anything.
The best I have come across for the price anyways.
Now,that's much more clear, Pete. It appears that we are on the same page after all. This is truly one killer player. We're going to be hearing about the Audio Aero Prima a lot more. This is just the beginning. The new one,($600 more than the original) which is what I auditioned, is even better, I'm told, than the one Pete reviewed.