Review: BMI Orca Mark 2 Power cord

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BMI Orca Mark 2 Power Cord.

I have tried many,many Power cables.
Some add something for the better some for the worse and some don't seem to do anything better than a stock cord.

By looking at my equipment listed , one can tell that I believe clean power to be very important to quality sound.
Well, I just recieved Brian's new Power Cord, the Orca Mark 2 and I got to say this is the absolute BEST Power Cord I have tried to date.

I recently bought a Sony SCD XA 9000ES SACD/CD player.
I was disapointed that the player did not exhibit much in the way of bass and the voices were sort of un-involving.
I was using a Electraglide Ultra Khan Statement 2 on it which I thought was a supreme cord.

Once I connected the Orca Mark 2 to the Sony, I could see why the Sony was reviewed so highly by Stereophile.
The sound relaxed , voices had real tone and depth and the bass was the purest I have ever heard in my system.Along with width depth and pristine treble we all love so much.

I really cannot say enough good things about this cable.
The real surprise is this is based on the first day of using this cable!
That's right! Right out of the box!
I own a AudioDhrama Cable Cooker and I am used to cooking cables for a few days before they reach there best, and I probably will cook the Orca to , but today , right now, it sounds very,very good !
A match for my equipment!
I will be buying more of these babies for my Hydra 8 and Krell Amp.
Once it breakes completely in ...look out!

Associated gear
Krel KSA 250 Amp
Melos MARSHA Gold Referenece Preamp (Modded)
Legacy Focus Speakers
Sony SCD XA9000ES SACD/CD Player
Shunyata Hydra 8
Power Cables
Shunyata Andaconda and VX Power Cables
ElectraGlide Ultra Khan Statement Mk2
Zu, Synergistic, Z Squared,
Pure Note Cereleum, HMS Grand Finale, Acoustic Zen, Cardas Golden Referenece,Kimber Select, and many others.
Speaker Cables
Ridgestreet Audio Poiemia Dual runs.
3 Dedicated Circuits

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Shunyata Andaconda,VX,
Electraglide Ultra Khan Statement 2, Fatboy, Fatman and Referenece,
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The Orca MK II improves considerably once the chord has about 300 hours of break-in time so you should notice some very positive changes over the next month or so. The Orca is a excellent design and uses very high quality parts not found on almost all other products currently on the market and feel dollar for dollar the Orca MK II sets a very high price to quality ratio that is very hard to beat. You can certainly pay more on a retail basis using other well known and marketed name brands but the Orca build quality is superb and the sound is vibrant and dynamic. The evolution of Brian’s power chords has continued over many years and has reached a peak with the Orca series. The sound of the Orca II is so good I believe further improvements in power chord technology will take longer now with more refinements rather than big leaps in quality like the past 5 years has been.


Just wandering how the Orca Mark 2 compares to the Shunyata anaconda vx on digital front end in your experience, I use an anaconda vx at present with great results.




I was wondering if the BMI Orca is still on your Sony Cdp? I never read the Stereophile review of the Sony, but did they use the BMI Orca on it as well for their review?