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My fresh impression of Gold Statement Power Cord - installed into my power conditioner so other component would benefit. It went instead of the old Statement, a;ready one of the best in the world power cords - so it was not comparison with $5 stock power cord.

Two hours right out the box - My 1st reference disc: soundtrack to movie Gladiator tracks 2,3 (female voice, Spanish guitar and large orchestra) - a bit aggressive highs (to be broken-in, obviously), midrange is very nice and bass, oooh that BASS, THE BASS - yes, sirry, now I have IT...the bass...Did I mentioned about bass? Slam is furious, each instrument is superbly tighten up (more palpable, more 3D, more presence). Brrrrrr...

My piano reference disc is "Nogima plays List", Reference Recording. Again - "impossible to believe bass"; much better then with my previous speakers with huge subwoofers, Diapasons by Dick Shahinians - more accurate, tight, tight, tight, tight, tight - very rich (just touch it !) and deep. The most realistic piano depiction I ever experienced (besides real piano, of course). Particularly in left hand octaves. (The right hand octaves were excellent in my system before that and it will open much more later on ). Incidently, I am (was? ) professional pianist

Another example - " Picture at Exhibition" (Reiner, RCA XRCD2) - . One word WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK, you want description - here it is: "space is final frontier" - I never imagine that we can "float" in HUGE soundstage space and each instrument is palpable and 3D like a planet - all by itself surrounded by THE space. And all in golden midrange glow....

Jaws dropping experience...

One more thing. The perceived loudness increased by at least 3 dB - don't ask me how - I had to diminish volume control on my preamp by one notch to get still slightly "louder" sound.

To say that addition of this power cord is equivalent to addition of separate component would not be true. Extraordinary component - may be !!!!!!

Thank you for reading it

Associated gear
Marantz-14 SACD/CD (heavily modified by Stan Warren).
Home built tube preamp
Spectron Mk2 monoblocks w/all upgrades
Audio Analyses, Omega speakers
Acoustic Revive RTP-6
cables - all Elrod

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Gold is our top of the line series with Silver being based off of our Gold line but configured to be a more affordable alternative.

The Statement Gold features a more extensive and complex cunductor configuration. It also features the Oyaide's best connectors. The M1 and F1.
I have the new Elrod Power Systems Statement Silver Power Cord. I simply cannot believe that a single power cord can have such a profound impact in how an audio system portrays the presence of each instrument. With this cord, it's very easy to differentiate the quality of each instrument, and the quality of the musicians.

This power cord is so good and I'm so impressed by its performance that I can confidently say this: I highly recommend to any body who's thinking about upgrading a component to really audition the Silver or Gold Elrod power cord first.

I'm absolutely stunned!



DISCLAIMER: I'm just a happy customer.
Finally, I was able to audition Elrod Gold Statement Power Cord - I was simply overwelmed by its sound. I can only join iSanches conclusion that intsead of upgrading a component its much, much better to get this (or silver, I presume...) power cord

All The Best
Hi,I am replacing 3 virtual dynamics genisis power cords with 3 gold statement power cords cords,I hope it works out.We'll see