Review: Genesis Technologies G-201 Speaker

Category: Speakers

the Genesis 201 speakers are the best I ever heard before. This large speaker system literally disappear as sources. They throw the widest stage I ever heard images totally outside the speakers. The wall behind the speakers and side walls disappear with these speakers like no others I have heard before. The speakers are very quick on transients and never sound stressed even when playing extremely demanding pieces with very complex arrangements all the different parts remaining distinctly separate from each other. The bass is absolutely unbelievable when the recording asks for it to be. The air in my 20x23 room actually shuddered along with the entire structure of the room like their was earthquake happening. Very defined and quick also. I thought I owned excellent subwoofers before but these are in a different league.the top end extension is excellent also not lacking any air while never sounding etched or calling attention to itself.

Associated gear
Wolcott 220m presence amplifiers
XLO signature 2 Interconnects
Audio Aero Capitol Mark 2
Nordost SPM speaker wires
XLO TYPE 10A power cords

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Gregm I never had the chance to compare the Nordost SPM and XLO signature Interconnects my speakers weren't functioning when I switched cables. Have you directly compared them before? Results?
These already had upgraded ribbons when I got them, so I didn't have the opportunity to compare. I recall seeing quite a few Genesis speakers advertised on Audiogon with the upgrade, this was a few years back, mostly dealers keeping their stock latest, greatest.....the fact that they were the same ribbon as the 1.1's sounded good to me.....I figured Arnie knew what he was was also common to upgrade the bass amps as well, and I know for a fact that it made an improvement, since I did the replacement when my original amp went bad.....if the reborn Genesis can sell the 350SE's for a reasonable price, next time around, should be a viable product for them, the last version had the same ribbon and number of tweeters as the 201's.
Mejames, I compared XLO to spm & valhalla. I found the XLO more rounded, liquid in the mid-band, while the Nordosts gave more extension on either end and the mid-band was less prominent. Generally, both Nordosts sounded more "open". But then, I use ss pre/pwr. I was curious as to how these different designs fared on the Wolcotts... Cheers