Review: Krell CD-DSP CD Player

Category: Digital

I have used my CD-DSP in my system since the start, and have had the opportunity to borrow my friend's Naim 3.5 with flatcap power supply to compare the two. If price is no object and you enjoy spending, i would honestly have to say to get the Naim. However the difference was slight at best and a used CD-DSP can be found for much less than the Naim; the sound difference took several rounds of switching back and forth to notice.
I enjoy listing to classical, and classic rock. I have never been dissappointed with the performance of my Krell. Vocals sound awesome, as well as cleaner bass when compared to other players i've used.
In addition, this player has 3 digital input and 3 digital outputs (1 optical for each), so you can use it as a transport, or as a DAC for other digital equipment.

Associated gear
Bryston 2b-LP
Bryston 4B NRB
Bryston 3B ST
Bryston B-60r
Conrad Johnson PV-12
Vandersteen 3A
Meadowlark Kestrel

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Naim 3.5
I have an Krell CD-DSP and really is wonderfull, i have a expensive new Perreaux CD1 player USD$4700 and is really musical and detailled but my old Krell is very musical too with a little less of information but with a lot less of money. My Krell have other top more dark , why the CD-DSP in the picture has clear top, is other model?
I Have a CD-DSP. Best sounding player I've owned or heard. Was able to even better it's sound by connecting digital out(optical) to a Krell Studio processor. The other players I've owned have been Krell KAV 250cd,Nakamichi CDPlayer1 Nakamichi OMS7II and Nakamichi MB10.

Does anyone repair these? I have a broken one that gives me an error message when trying to play a CD.