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As crazy as I thought these products would be, I have to state here loud and clear...


I started out with just the Clever Clocks.
I cant tell you how stupid I felt trying to explain to my wife the clocks advantages. It sort of confirmed my sickness in Audio and what a sucker I am. (At least to her, in her mind).

The clocks tightened the focus . So much, that I had to leave them in the system. Even though I could have sent them back for a refund.

Later, I bought some Large pebbles. These along with the clocks improved the bass definition.
So, I bought some X Large Pebbles, and some mini,and small.
I also put them on the 4 x 4 ceramic tables with cones underneath.
I know it sounds like the guy who is buying moon rocks.
My hair is also growing thicker and faster (just kidding)

But, each and every time I put more into the system it has improved the sound.

These items improve the tightmess, clairity, soundstage , bass response, all the good things in Audio. And you can adjust the effect just by moving them around the room.

I am not totally sure what these things are made of. I have heard they are subjected to large magnetic fields and I dont know if the effects last forever or not.

However, the price of admission is low, so give it a shot.
I think you would need 2-4 of the items to truly hear the difference and this will allow you to play with different positions in your room.

Don't think I am crazy , just open minded and happy.

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Hey Ozzy, I have a bridge to sell. It will give your system so much bass, you will have to go to smaller speakers.
Hey Goingbroke! Your comment makes it obvious that you've never tried the Pebbles. Gosh, I wonder how I knew that? I must be a mind reader.
ozzy, I do'nt know anything about that bridge thing that guy was try'n to sell...but pebbles is another matter all together.! I've been in-to them for about a year now. I now have 20 or so bottle's in my 14/30 room .Some even suspended from the ceiling, the rest on the tiny ceramic tables.Not just one, but two musical clocks.In fact, I am a musican, and play in several groups weekly and often will bring 6 in a case i made to carry them in, for safe travel. These items have transformed my system and my level of enjoyment...forever. music~sweet~music~ ~ ~
I use a pair of large BPs placed on the outside of my speakers. These have a profound effect on the bass making it tighter. In that postion they reduce the effects of the side walls i.e first relection points.

Try putting a mini BP on top of the CDP (where spindle is located) and see how much of a difference they make to the overall tonal balance and imaging.
Are these posts for real? I am hearing tongue in cheek but I could be wrong.
Sc - I was wondering the same thing myself!!! For those that actually believe in the pebbles, how do you know where to put them? Do they look like anything other than beach rocks? Have you tried just using a mason jar full of regular beach rocks?
I also us Brilliant Pebbles under the hood of my car for improved harmonic balance, fewer tuneups, better gas mileage and improved bass in the car audio system.

(They will also keep milk from going bad, destroy computer viruses, kill fleas- if properly applied and keep your spouse from cheating)

Sorry guys- not buying it even without a trial run. The theory espoused on the website white paper is the minerals ability to absorb bad things (RF and unwanted distortion).
Two questions - how does it know what is unwanted? and since they are kept in reflective glass container how do they absorb anything?

The defense rests.
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i saw this earlier and wondered how the 'GoN would do with it.

if this was on the audioasylum on the General Forum there would have been 50 to 75 posts by now with all the objectivists saving the world for the 'Brilliant Pebbles' sheep. these products do provide much entertaining posturing.

i've heard enough unexplained acoustic phenomina and enough of Geoff Kait's stuff to give it the benefit of the doubt.

Reminded of that Tom Waits song "Step Right Up"....hmm, now where did I put that disc??

They come with various suggestions as to where to place them in your room.

I really do not know what kind of science these would be listed under.
Perhaps Voodoo

The idea is crazy and I still wonder what they are all about.

Just as I was a skeptic about power cords and such, these Pebbles do make a difference.

All I can add, is try a couple of Large bottles in your room.
(you can also add Miller or Bud )
Its very strange that many sceptics ask how these things work when chances are you don't how many things in your Hi-fi system work e.g CIRC for CDs or how a solid-state amp amplifies as opposed to a valve amp or how a cross-over works etc.

If you know someone who has these just ask them to remove the BPs from the room and then ask yourself if you can hear the difference.

You can't have an opinion until you have tried it and are sure it does nothing for you.

Don't shoot the messenger.
You can only bring a horse to water ....
It also seems strange that someone would equate not understanding an explanation of how a component works with no explanation.

Whether one understands how a SS amplifier amplifies v. how a tube amplifier amplifies, for example, is not important. What is important is that this can be explained - that explanation is grounded in physics and can be described mathematically.

So the challenge is, describe the physics behind these products. If the product really works, there ought to be a physical explanation. Surely, someone will understand it.

Bob R.
There is an explanation (white paper) on their website. BTW can anyone explain why too caps of the same value and type sound different? (applies to valves too?
Better quality/construction does not quite cut it when the measured mathematical value is actually identical.
From what I understand, they are a wide variety of semi-precious and precious stones, hand-picked and placed in the glass jars by Geoff to give the ideal balance. I once e-mailed Geoff asking him what the ratio of semi to precious stones were and he wrote back, " The correct ratio.", or something to that effect.
It should not be too difficult to determine what minerals are being used. A quick visit to a rock/nature store, museum of Natural History, or natural science department of a local college should unravel the mystery. So called semi-precious stones actually cost pennies per kilogram in bulk. 'Precious' stones cost a little more, but often not exorbitantly so. A good rock tumbler and carbide grit can then turn those rocks into Brilliant Pebbles at a fraction of Mr. Kait's prices. Optionally, just visit your local rock and minerals fair, you will be able to purchase pre-bottled assorted beauties for just a few bucks a jar.
Look familiar?
If it was just the pebbles I would say give him the benefit of the doubt but stop and take a look at the overall picture. Look at the Machina Dynamica auction for the "Teleportation Tweak". Go to the website and see each of the items for sale. Come on people! I have been on Audiogon for a few years now and think the members are far and away brighter than the average person. I have learned very valuable information backed by facts with proven research. You guys are better than this! Don't try and justify spending hundreds of dollars on common pebbles. Just admit you were like most of us, looking for another level of audio nirvana and goofed. It happens and you can move on. For the sake of argument, let's say the pebbles do work. The question should be "why are they being sold for $159 for a 3" jar"? At the very least it is a bad spend and should be touted as such(IMHO).
How does someone who sells these type of products get 500+ positive responses?
LOL! I had almost forgotten about Porziob's infatuation with coffee tables.
I have been going out of mind at these silly products, and the fact that they are being sold is astonishing!!!. how can this guy even exist here on agon!!. putting a "dream" system together is a great task, but you should be awake when you do, not in the land of fairy tales and make believe!!. now I see I can receive a cell phone call that will make my ipod sound like a live concert without batteries installed, and even spit out front row tickets!!.
I am not surprised Wellfed, the power of self-hypnosis is in fact rather astonishing.

What ever happened to the Machina dynamica Brilliant Pebbles Tweak? "

Maybe he has been piling them up over the years for more effect and it might take him a bit longer to wade through them to get to his computer to answer now...:^)

Hopefully Ozzy is not buried by now. What a way to go....
Me thinks 'tis the power of the new Dark Matter tweak....

May be one should experiment with it by spraying some bottle of Brilliant Pebbles.... You know, just in case 'em Pebbles were too bright and were causing some uncontrolled scattering of subtle invisible wavelengths in higher Kaluza-Klein dimensions... Goodness, this could be the real thing!
I think enough brilliant pebbles in a room could make a nice tweak to acoustics, say a ton piled in each front corner. Maybe bulk discounts are offered.
In my placebo controlled double blind studies Fruity Pebbles produced a statistically significant improvement over Magic Pebbles. This study is soon to be published in Paranormal Magazine.
"I started out with just the Clever Clocks.
I cant tell you how stupid I felt trying to explain to my wife the clocks advantages. It sort of confirmed my sickness in Audio and what a sucker I am. (At least to her, in her mind).

The clocks tightened the focus . So much, that I had to leave them in the system. Even though I could have sent them back for a refund."

So what time is it ??

I look back @ some of the things I posted and I was lost in space with Will & the robot.
A slight misspelling of "Clever Clocks" could turn this into an adult only thread.

Imagine having to explain your "Cleaver Clock" to the little woman.
"I look back @ some of the things I posted and I was lost in space with Will & the robot."

That's a hoot! I always think of MD as the king of bad sci fi audio tweaks.

BTW "Lost In Space" was my absolute favorite show when I was a kid and I still get a kick out of watching it.

Danger Will Robinson! Guy in a carrot suit closing in....
Yea Judy was hot. Not much to look at in the '60's on TV.

Now Dr. Smith would have a huge bag of the BP's yes. ??
I'm a little disappointed noone called it the Clever Little Crock. Or rabbit turds in a bottle.
Sorry, guys I have moved on.
The rocks have been replaced by Amherst crystals and where needed ASC tube traps.
The clocks are gone...
amethyst crystals do what? How many does one need? Would like to try.

While I am fond of amethyst crystals, and I use them in my products, like all crystals they are a narrowband device, as it were, and devices with multiple types of crystals, like Brilliant Pebbles, operate over a much broader band. Brilliant Pebbles include such crystals as amethyst, clear quartz, sapphire, topaz, onyx, aquamarine, sometimes ruby and even diamond.
Effect of crystalline structure on propagation of light through it is well known in many disciplines like Minerology, for example, but effects on sound is a new one for me. I wonder how that works?