Review: Mapletree Audio Design Ear+ Purist HD (HP Amp) Tube amp

Category: Amplifiers

This Headphone Amp by Prof. Loyd Peppard is the best by far.
The point to point design is noise & artifact free. Extreamly 3D. Very musical. With every turn of the Vol. Knob, the soundstage increases. Warm tube smothness. Life like overall soundscape. Works well with both Senn. & Grado.
The build quality is first rate. MAD's designer and builder Loyd, is wounderful to interact with. This is very high-end,
without having to take out a second morgage to obtain.
Sold by kit, or assembled.
Mapletree Audio Design is in Canada.

Associated gear
Music Hall CD-25 SE+(Mod)>CD Player.
Grado RS-1
Custom Cables.
Lightspeed 6400 AC Filter.
Mapleshade Brass Cone Footer's

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It seems like this is little known tube headphone gem in this mad audio equipment swap world.

This amp is made from a kit. Custom upgrades are very cool. ( It's a mad_mad_world of Audio-Candy)