Review: Marsh Sound Design P-2000 Preamplifier

Category: Preamps

The Marsh P2000 is a pure Class A Dual Mono pre amp, with remote operation. This unit resides in my second system, where it is connected to a Classe 70 Power amp. Driving some vintage Time Window speakers.

The source components are Sony and Denon CD Player,a DVD Player,Satelliate TV Receiver and Stereo VCR.

The Marsh is a line stage pre amp and works very well with the Classe 70 Power Amp. Could not be happier in this regard. Have had this system up and running for several weeks now and being as jaded as I am this has impressed. Tried the Audio Research LS3,Acurus R11,PS Audio 7.0, and a CJ Sonographe 26. All of those preamps were very good indeed, but just did not have the magic for me. Just felt lacking in someway. The Classe 35 was stellar but did not have enough inputs.

The Marsh is stellar and the sonics are amazing. The Classe 70 power amp has really come to life with the Marsh and the Time Windows have never sounded better.

Listen to a lot of Jazz and contemorary rock, with some Classical thrown in from time to time. Also the Marsh is connected to a Sat receiver for so called stereovision, as close as I come to care for HT.

This is the first pre I have had with remote operation and I do like that feature a lot. Makes it very easy to get volume and balance spot on. And the remote is very easy to use each feature accessible from the front panel mirrors the Remote, no guessing there and has a wide infared range.

The Marsh has above average build quality, and way above average sonics and at it's price point is very difficult to do better. The interior of the Marsh is just as impressive. The signal path is direct coupled from input to output for sonic purity. Uses the finest alps control for volume and balance, nice touch there.

The Marsh 2000 Pre amp come in the variants the 2000p standard RCA outputs,the 2000b which adds balance in/out connections and the 2000t which is the tube version. I can only speak for the Marsh 2000p in this review.

The Marsh 2000p is in my opinion one of the finest pre amps out there in the under $3,000.00 price range. It is not the end all of all preamps. But what it does do is bring the music and source material to life in an effortless and seamless way the belies its price point. Over the years I have had more expensive pre amps that just did not deliver the way the Marsh does. Price does not always dictate performance.

All I ask from a pre amp is to deliver the Music and to involve me with the Music. The Marsh does that with a stellar performance. To do better than the Marsh you will spend dearly for it.

In conclusion the Marsh is a keeper. I am very pleased with it's performance and most of all with the sonic signature. There is just something special about pre amps that are Class A and dual mono and the Marsh is no exception, it explores this concept to the fullest.

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I agree with this review, well written by Ferrari. The Marsh P2000 preamp's performance is spectacular! Because of the high resolution offered by this preamp, I suspect it will be better matched to a warm sounding amp like Ferrari's Classe power amp. I have mine connected to a PS Audio HCA2, also known to have a warmish sound but with excellent detail. This combination has proven to be synergy match with superb results. It was this review by Ferrari that prompted me to go ahead & buy the Marsh preamp with no regrets whatsoever.
I have really enjoyed my Marsh P-2000. Please note, it takes about a month to
break in. I'm really serious about that.

I have paired it with a BAT VK-200 that I bought used for $ 1,300 ( new was 3,600), and have been very pleased. It also works well with Nordost Blue Heaven interconnects. Lastly, I use a Rega Jupiter 2000 CD player and it's been a solid match there, sonically, as well.

I strongly recommend Glenn Poor's Audio Video in Champaign Illinois for Marsh products.
I sold mine because I wanted a phono section, so I bought a Hovland. The Hovland has a great phono section, but I didn't hear much difference between the two on digital. I think this preamp is highly underrated.