Review: Mcintosh MT10 Turntable

Category: Analog

I listen to all kinds of music from classic rock to jazz and some symphony. I love things with good drum solo's and music. The first things I listened to on this table was Anthony Wilson power of 9, Elvis, Clapton, and Norah Jones. I like warm and natural sound with good low end. The Mt10 mcintosh table replaced the project 2xperience. This table is absolutely the best thing I've spent money on in my system. It totally changed the opinion of my system from my perspective. I've been wanting to upgrade for more power and better speakers because my room is so big now and the sound just isn't as good as it was in my old house. With the addition of this table I heard the best music come out of my system I've ever heard. I now think I need better source components on the CD and SACD side before I upgrade amps and speakers. This has been an eye opening experience for me. I understand that no matter what CD player I get, it may not compare to this 8 thousand dollar table and all but man, if it can even get close that would be huge. I now have a marantz SACD, and the newest Rotel cd player. I think it is thier flagship player if there is such a thing. Definately now looking to improve on those.
Strengths of the Mcintosh MT10 turntable: Mcintosh went to great lengths to make sure the set-up is error free and the user,no matter how knowledgable in turntable setup, can get this table set-up for optimum performance with no geuss work. That may be the best and most important thing. It was so easy to set-up right the first time and not need any special equipment or test albums or nothing. everything you need to set this up comes with the player and it is idiot proof. I didn't have to test anything, just follow the very detailed instructions and go by the tools and guidelines they set forth. The best possible set-up for this table has already been perfectly calibrated and all you have to do is what they say, and it is a thing of beauty. It also looks great and I'm not a Mcitosh guy as you can tell I have no other mc gear. with the addition of this turntable, I may just look to more mcintosh stuff as this is by far the best thing I have going now, as well it should be it almost cost as much as the rest of my system did 8 years ago. The range of music and quality at every level this player is giving my system just can't be put into words. For those of you who know exactly how to set up a turntable and tone arm and cartirdge and those of you who seem to still be trying to tweak here and there to get it just right, I highly reccomend this table and you don't have to wonder anymore, it will be set up for the best performance easily with no geussing.
If money was no object, I still couldn't see myself doing anything to this table or going with any other table.
All the best and I hope some of you get to experiece this table.

Associated gear
Project tube box se2 phono preamp, Conrad johnson pv14L, conrad johnson mf2250, B&W 804N.

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Had a project 2xperience.
Okay beerdraft, throw on an album, sit back, relax, and ENJOY what you have been missing.
Have you tweaked the illumination of the platter yet??
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No on the illumination, Yes yes on the album and definately yes on the spaten franz hefe draught. I like the illumination as it is. Maybe I'll experiment with it later but for now just listen.
Great table!! I'm listening to Neil Young on mine right now drinking a Dos Equis......
I prefer hefewiesen. Hey petesm, Did you find the set-up as easy and mistake free as I did to get it perfect, and I have no doubt it is perfect with the sound I'm getting on a system that probably isn't a great system. I've got a great turn table though!
Thanks for submitting this review. I was very curious to learn more about the Mac TT. It's good to know that you liked it.
However, comparing a 1200 TT to one that costs many times more, is a bit unproportional...