Review: Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista SACD CD Player

Category: Digital

I am surprised that there has not been any review of the Tri-Vista yet. I have owned the Tri-Vista for six months, and each day I have found that it sounds rich in musical breadth, transparency, and its soudnstage. I have noticed that when it is first turned on, it takes about 30-45 minutes before the full sound becomes apparent. But once it is warmed up, I cannot say any thing except that I am amazed.

I only listen to classical music, and am amazed how true the brass sounds, regardless of CD or SACD format. In CD playback, I have noticed that the strings sound a little thin, but in SACD playback, I am thorougly impressed with the full "woodiness" of the sound (for lack of a better word). The soundstage is probably most impressive, as you can hear the brass blaring out from behind the strings; the cello is mid-stage right, the bass, far right. It's nearly perfect!

I am currently very content with the Tri-Vista. But let it be known that I have not listened to any other similarly-priced players.
This new model, are you speaking of the Tri-Vista multi-channel SACD player or something else? If it's the multi-channel, no's all yours.