Review on Linear Tube Audo Ultralinear amplifier just went up on Six

Hey gentlemen,

The review on Linear Tube Audio's new Ultralinear amplifier just went up on Six this afternoon.  This David Berning designed amplifier is based on his ZOTL-OTL circuit and is quite a remarkable music maker.  For all the details take a look at the review regarding why you might want to audition this amplifier if you are a lover of SET amps, but need more power for your speakers.
Actually my comment was meant as a compliment to Berning equipment. I am not a huge fan of the typical SET or Push-Pull sound and find the Berning "house" sound to be more linear by comparison. Kind of like getting the best of tube amplifiers without the warts. Also am a big fan of OTLs and similar configurations.  

I agree with you. I do like a euphonic sound from time to time though. There is so much great gear being made today. Peace. 
FWIW, I run a Lampizator Golden Gate through my Microzotl Preamp and Ultralinear. The DHT sound of the Lampizator comes through unrestricted. The LTA gear breathes right with it. It certainly helps that they let the saturated harmonics through making a complete presentation. I also have an Auralic dac. Here the system just sounds like this dac, which isn’t too bad either at 10% the cost of the Lampizator. The LTA gear just sounds like what you feed it. Definitely not the weak link.