Review on Linear Tube Audo Ultralinear amplifier just went up on Six

Hey gentlemen,

The review on Linear Tube Audio's new Ultralinear amplifier just went up on Six this afternoon.  This David Berning designed amplifier is based on his ZOTL-OTL circuit and is quite a remarkable music maker.  For all the details take a look at the review regarding why you might want to audition this amplifier if you are a lover of SET amps, but need more power for your speakers.
Enjoyed reading your review.  I am in the final stages of my search for a new amp and have always enjoy a good tube amp. Having narrowed my choices down to the Pass xa25 and LTA Ultralinear could you tell me the sonic differences between the two?  My speakers will work with either amp. So which of the two amps would you buy if you could only afford one?
@bobheinatz -- the xa25 is a great amp, but here are a couple other Class-A amps you might want to consider.  As far as tube amps, Don Sach's KT88 amp is getting some impressive reviews as well.  Sorry if I'm just muddying the waters!
Hey bobheinatz,

First, the XA-25 offers more flexibility when it comes to driving more speakers.  It really measures at close to 80 watts into a 8 ohm load.  If you do not need that much power, then it really becomes a "horse race" regarding which one of these great amplifiers would I choose.

The LTA Ultralinear offers the pristine colors and emotional intimacy of a SET design.  It reminds me of a 2A3 SET, which happens to be my favorite power tube.  The XA-25 sounds more like a great 300B SET, which is amazing in that it a solid state design.  Both are extremely detailed and transparent and are extended on both the top and bottom end.  

So, which do you like better a 2A3 or 300B signature?  Does your system tend be slightly cool or warm based on your source, preamp, and speakers.  For my tastes, in my smaller system that uses very efficient speakers I would choose the LTA.