Review on the Tyler Acoustics Lynbrook Signature's

This Review Is For The Tyler Acoustics Lynbrook Signature Series 1 Piece System in the Ribbon Mahogany Finish.

After a 200+ hour break-in period I have to say that these are the most Transparent and Revealing Speakers that I have owned or Audition.These speakers sound good from the begining but after the 200+ break-in period they are nothing but Remarkable. They posses a Superb Transient Response and a Distinguished Low Bass Performance that is hard to find in other speakers. Delicate Highs with a Beautiful Midrage Detail and a Wide Soundstage.The Lynbrooks are one of the Most Complete Full Range High End Speakers you can find and at $5500.00 it is a Real bargain because in order to achive this kind of performance you will have to spend at least twice as much for Speakers.The High End "Seas" drivers used on these speakers are the same drivers used in much more expensive speakers as the Joseph Audio Pearl Speakers ( MSRP$20,000) or the Von Schwikert VR-5 (MSRP $25,000). Actually on my list of speakers that I was considering purchasing these two were on it along with the Dali Euphonia MS5, B&W 800D and the Legacy Audio Whispers. I auditioned all of these speakers but still was not as convinced in their sound/performance as and when I purchased the Tyler Lynbrook Signature Series. I am not in any way saying that the before mentioned speakers are not good speakers I am simply saying that I felt that they did not bring out the sound performance that I was looking for in a pair of High End speakers.As far as the Lynbrook Signature Series I just couldn't find anything negative to write about these wonderful speakers.They are so clear and detail that you can hear every instrument being played but with the delicacy that you want to spend hours listening to them.These Speakers Have a Deep,Open and Wide SoundStage. They are without a doubt a very Musical Appealing Speakers.I am spending hours going thru my 300+ CDs,SACDs,HDCDs,XRCD24s collection and it is like listening to them for the first time but with the emphasis,transparency and detail that I have not experience with any other speakers before. I am Very Please that I didn't have to spend twiced as much to get this kind of Sound/Performance and Built Quality. These Speakers are Gorgeous looking Speakers and The Ribbon Mahogany Finish is Beautiful and the Built Quality is Outstanding. My Advice is that if you are looking for a pair of Full Range High End Speakers Give these Speakers a try. You have 20 days to Audition them and if you are not satisfy you can return them to get you money back. I honestly doubt that you will return these Remarkable speakers because it will very hard to find this kind of performance and built quality at this price.
I will appreciate sharing your commnents or experiences with these speakers or any other Tyler Acoustic Speakers.
Hope this review is helpfull to others.

My Best Regards to All.

Queens, New York.

Equipment Used For This Review,

Musical Fidelity TriVista SACD/CD Player
Parasound Halo C1 Processor
Parasound Halo JC1 High Current Monoblock Amplifiers(2)
Acoustic Zen Silver Reference II 1m. Interconnects
Acoustic Zen Matrix Reference II 2m Interconnects
Acoustic Zen Satori Shotgun 10ft. Speaker Cables

Speakers Auditioned for this Review

Von Schwikert VR7
Dali Euphonia MS5
B&W 800D
Legacy Audio Whispers
Definitive Technology BP7000SC
Revel Ultima Salons
Thiel CS7.2
Carlos, I just looked at your photos. Do you have any flexibility regarding speaker placement etc. I suspect you could enhance the sound of your Tylers substantialy if you do. Post here, or send me an email if you are interested at all in my experiences in this regard and my observations regarding your present set up.
Hi Newbee,
Thanks for the advice on the placement of the Speakers. Actually I only had them place like that while the break-in period was taking place. Righ now they are around 10 inches away from the back wall, toed in and 10 feet apart. My Room is 14 feet wide by 20 feet long with an 8 foot ceiling. I tried different placements but I found out that the way they are right now gives me the best soundstage.Thanks so much for the tip. By the way how do you have yours set up?
Carlos, FWIW, my room is 19.5x13.5x9 (close to your's in size). I have the speakers on the short wall 6'(measured from the front of the speaker) from the wall and each speaker (measured from the tweeter) is 2 feet from the side walls. On the left wall I have a window at the first reflection point on the right wall I have a 7x5' opening into a hall way. Behind the listening position I have another 7x5' opening into another room. My listening position is triangulated with the speakers and is 9'6" back from the plane of the speakers. Beacause of the 1st reflections issue on the left side and the open space on the right side I have found that crossing the axis of my speakers in front of my listening position worked best. I find that the crossing of the speakers axis' as I have done increases focus/center fill and widens the sweet spot. In fact, a person sitting directly in front of a speaker as opposed to the sweet spot still gets a fairly good stereo image. Good for company. Without toeing them in so far for the most part when you sit in front of one speaker most of what you hear is that one speaker. Pulling the speakers out into the room as far as I have greatly increase the sense of image depth, especially on the rear sides. If you have the space and no decorator critics to nag you, give it a try. :-)
Tvad if you do your research on Von Schweizkerts web site, you will see that you are mistaken. I had my doubts if VS used a different size mid than the LLS (Lin Sig Sys). And sure enough I was correct. If you go to the VR5 description , VS says we use the very same Excel mids as the VR9. s. Well the VR9's say "dual 8.5 mids" Which is the W22, the very sameExcel W18 in the VR5. Yes I see VS says '9 inch", but they are in fact wrong. Its 8.5, which is the excat size of the W22. Excel did not special make a slightly larger cone for VS. Now if you wish to write to Seas and ask them if infact its a special made mid for VS, please lets us know. If anyone cares to measure their VS mids and I the LSS owners here can meausre their W22's , you'll find it is the exact sae driver.

Carlos, congrats on your new speaker. I just did a short review on Audio aslyum and also here, a few weeks ago. Its a few pages back. My comments concur with yours and also the reviews from the links on Tyler's web site. Sally Renolyds made simulair comments on her review of Tyler's 3 ways, the Taylo's.
There is no denying the value of this speaker, and in fact all of Tyler's Seas/Excel speakers.
I have plans next yr to buy the LSS in Mahogany.
As Newbee points out it will most likely be my very last speaker I'll buy. I felt that way with my Seas Excel Thors, a MTM design, = to Tyler's LInbrook Sig Monitors. a MTM, W18/T25/W18. After hearing the LSS's I realize the lower bass I'm missing.
Thanks for your review, quite a system you have.
btw, though the LSS seems quite a demading speaker with 5 drivers/cabinet, the humble JOR drove the hefty LSS with authority. The JOR is rated at 40 watts. I've learned over the yrs, watts really is extremely relative. Its the build of an amp that determines power/dynamics produced.
Nice review.