Review: Paradigm Studio 60 Speaker

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After numerous hours of auditioning various speakers I decided on the Paradigm Reference 60's. I had originally purchased the Reference v.1 ones and sold them for the more modern looking NHT ST4 speakers. I liked the smooth black finish of the NHT . After about a month of listening to the NHT, I really missed the sound of the Paradigms. Out went the NHT, and now I have the Paradigm Reference 60's v.2 in a complete hometheater setup. The difference between v.1 and v.2 are not too dramatic but there is definitely an improvement. The tweeters in v.1 can be rather harsh at times. Anyhow, I think the main strengths of the Paradigm Reference speakers would have to be the midrange and imaging. Often times I feel there are live performers in my living room. Just recently I discovered the ultimate tweek for my Paradigm's. I put the Paradigms on large cinder blocks. Now, they sound just like the 80's or the 100's. Everything sounds so much better. I highly recommend this tweek for all Paradigm 60's owners.

Associated gear
Denon 3803, HK Signature, Monster Cable Z3 bi-wired

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Hey JC,
Glad to hear you like the studio 60s cause i've been looking to get a pair myself. Would you mind giving me more info?
What size room are you using them in? how is the room layout?
Are you using a subwoofer with them?
Is yours a 2 speaker setup or are you using them in an HT?
What do you mostly listen to?

Totally agree. My 60v2's are excellent speakers. Extremely detailed and transprent. They just let the music flow. The soundstage is huge and I often find myself turning around looking for that extra sound in the background.