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this amp came to me via trade on audiogon, zero expectations are turning into true love for this little gem of an amp, i have been a nuerotic audiophile ever since i was 15 yrs old , i blame my father for this ! as he use to build tube amps at home out of spare parts of radio's ,tv sets, and anything else that had electronic parts in it...that includes toaster ovens! and anything else he could find in the streets of brooklyn,brings back memories of how i spent my sunday afternoons with dear old garbage picking dad, good all sunday afternoons me and dad would walk out the house empty handed and return 3 hours later with a pile of radio's, tv sets thats what i call bonding with good all dad ! but all the garbarge that we brought back a week later would turn into 1 or 2 s.e.t amps ...that would blow away most of the amps that were sold in stereo shops of those days...kenwood,fischer ,come to mind!
from all this i learned some one elses broken toaster oven makes for a very cool retro looking chassis,

so being an audiophile avid of course ..i have heard every single possible amp circuit exsistant to men some properly executed and some not,

so i unpacked this little amp and figured might as well take a listen to it ,since the wife and kiddy are away on there weekly mall shopping experience , and buying more stuff that they both already have still sitting in closet from 2 weeks ago from the same store with the tags still attached...and they wonder why i dont want to come with them each week ! oy vey!!!

so i hooked up the amp turned it on let it cook for an hour or so before i start listening to any music or noise ,(hey was i suppose to know what was in store for me? )

so an hour later the 1st disc came on volume at about 9 oclock...john coltrane with duke ellington or if you prefer vice versa........holy mother of g_d, that sounds great !! i turned up the volume only to be thrusted back into the listening chair the end of the same disc, i was thinking this is a went 4 more discs buddy guy, artur rubenstein, charles mingus, ozzy osbourne,

about 4 hours later i was still in my chair listening to music ,i could not bring myself to stop listening to music through this amp, it had a hold on me and on my musical senses.....disc after disc sounded great ...everything had the right texture piano sounded like piano, buddy guys voice was right in the room , coltranes sax was correct pitch and definition, cymbals,hi hat, snare drum all there in the room ....ok now im thinking how about went carla white ,pavarroti, cecilia bartoli, alla pugechova (70's stuff not the new stuff)
every disc every song every voice sounded exactly right !!!
the amp now has around 150 hours on it ..i havent shut it off since the day i plugged it in...every day its opening up more and more ...+ i havent even tried reference i/c or speaker cables or power cord ...once i get another 300 - 400 hours on it ...i will replace the stock power supply with a 12 volt sla battery...i haves a feelin that will be ways better in every regard...

meanwhile though i dont miss my other 9 amps (use to be 13)or my reference system or even my analog set up....and running this amp in a 2.1 theater system is lots of fun indeed!!

more to come on this amp !!

thanks,happy new year to all .

Associated gear
pioneer elite c 36 5 disc changer,
zip cord spkr cable , 15 yr old radioshack i/c
almarro m 33 a speakers 91 db eff,

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Hello. About to get my hands on this unit. Have heard that the ta2020 devices were better. Any experience with this. Also, what did you like better the Pop Pulse or the Nuforce Icon?
Cheers, James

Sadly this amp is discontinued. 

I'm currently using a T amp right now, it sounds great with my bookshelf speakers: 

WONDOM AA-AS32157 Amplifier Tripath TA2024 Class D 2 x 15W / 4 Ohm (30€)

But it's not a quality unit. The volume knob spins 360°. It feels so underpowered. I would gladly spend the cash on a higher quality unit but the Tripath hype train has sailed. It's very bizarre that only Wondom still sells TA2024 amps. Audiophonics sells the boards, so you could DIY an amp. I'm not qualified to do that. 

I'm totally not surprised at your findings. I use those tiny class D amps in my massive, multi-amped horn system and they are fantastic.

Even Devon Turnbull (building bespoke, 5 figures horn systems based on vintage Altec parts, and SET amplifiers) used to propose a cheap tA2024 amplifier under its OJAS brand.

as far as I know, you can still buy the Trends TA2024 amplifiers but only through the brand's website. Dayton Audio also sells one, I guess, and PartsExpress still (?) sells the original cheap T-Amp from sonic Impact in plastic case.