Review: Revel Performa M-20 Speaker

Category: Speakers

I bought these after a home audition to ensure they were as neutral as they seemed in-store. They are wonderful speakers and made Stereophiles 2002 "A" list. After going through every other speaker available to me I was very frustrated. The others only excelled in one area; good on female vocals but colored instruments, good for piano but smeered vocals, etc... Then I found the Revels. They do what a speaker is supposed to do: accurately reproduce what is fed them. The M20's do that with ease. They are clear and precise. My wife is amazed every time she hears them. They play everything well. The McCormack amp is a great match with them as the system is musical and not stale sounding as it was with the Adcom GFA-555II amp (which the M20's also revealed the Adcoms' grainy highs). These speakers would satisfy anyone on any budget. They are a great deal here on audiogon as used ones go for around $1200 which is a steal. I picked up the black ash version with stands for $2000.
I have had these speakers for over 6 months and still love them. I have no need to change or upgrade. They are astounding.

Associated gear
Rega Planet cd palyer; Acurus RL-11 pre-amp; McCormach DNA-125 amp; Pioneer 9500 tuner

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B&W, Linn, Monitor Audio, NHT.
I am trying to decide. Both sound great at each dealer however, I cannot compare them together(different dealers).
Paradigm seems to be more speaker (more drivers and size) for the money. M-20's seem to sound at least as good?
Any opinions?
Why would you care what we think? It's your tympanics that know the deal. It's your show. You got one high class problem there, Alec. I would go with Harmonic Precisions' Caravelles. I am waiting on delivery of mine. Should be at the end of the week. Not even comparable to the M20s. Maybe the Revel Gems, nah, better. Killer monitors. You're going to be hearing lots about these babies. Sold by M20s a little too soon. Going through the sterophonic DTs. peace, warren
It's been 2 years and after several other speakers in house, the Revel's remain. I would like a full range speaker but, nothing has come close to the M20's. If I had $4500 laying around, I'd jump on a pair of F50's.
John if you had $4500 around, jump on the Caravelles. Phase coherence to die for. And that's just the beginning. peace, warren