Review : Salk Signature Sound Veracity HT1

I waited some time to post my thoughts on the Salk Sound Veracity HT1 speakers. I wanted to make sure that they were completely broken in as well as my amp(Panasonic XR45) which is also brand new.

I stumbled across Jim’s web site one day and was blown away by the finish of the speakers he had displayed. I also liked the fact that Jim’s design incorporates the G2 ribbon tweeter. I had been looking for a new pair of speakers for some time and honestly was quite disappointed with the appearance of most in the market place. I was looking for a pair of speakers that sounded great but also looked great too. Every speaker that I actually liked the look of was incredibly expensive. Jim’s site mentions that he can basically create any type of finish combination that the customer requests. I decided to contact Jim via email. He always responded very quickly to any questions that I had.

I explained to Jim that I’m not very crazy about the typical “Wood Finishes” that most manufacturers use. I also explained that I really liked an odd color that you never see on speaker finishes. This color is BMW Laguna Seca Blue. Jim never even blinked an eye at this. His response was “No Problem”. We just needed to decide on what to do with the front baffle of the speakers. Jim started the process rolling keeping me posted every step of the way. Once the cabinets were painted he emailed me several pictures of different types of wood that might look nice with this color(I thought the wood contrast with the gloss paint finish would look different.). Jim and I decided to go with “Highly Figured Maple”. He emailed me photos as soon as they were assembled, I was blown away.

I received them in the mail a few days later. His packaging was absolutely the best I’d ever seen. I think the box could have handled a bomb blast. He explained to me that this was one of the first pairs he had ever done with a paint finish. They really came out great. Everything with Salk is professional all the way.

Now to the sound…I hooked them up and let them play for a few days. I was really impressed by the sound that I was hearing. The first thing I noticed is how fast they are and how there is such a lack of noise. The bass is not booming nor did I expect it to be out of a pair of speakers this size. There is just something about these speakers that sounds “Right”.

Jim also includes a setup disk that gives some nice samples of music and helps with speaker positioning. This is a very nice and professional touch.

Well what else can I say…This was truly a custom purchase experience. I like the feeling that I was able to get exactly what I wanted not what the manufacturer “Offered”.

I emailed Salk, from their webpage, twice and have yet to get a reply. I was going to buy one of their subs in a custom finish. If you have jim's direct email address can you forward it to me?

Jim built me a gorgeous pair of Dave Ellis's 1801 monitors in South American Rosewood. I found Jim very easy to contact throughout the process.

He can be found at