Review Shunyata Venom V16 Power Distributor

I know I am new here, but I wanted to share my experience.

I just got the newly released Shunyata Venom V16 power distributor. I also acquired the Shunyata Reference line Delta v2 XC C19 cable to power it. I also purchased the optional SSF-38 shock absorbing feet. This is replacing Audioquest’s Powerquest 3 linear filter power strip.  I know, it’s quite a large jump.

I still have a few more days of burn-in to truly get critical, but right off the bat, day one, this product obliterated the Audioquest’s gains. The sound stage expanded to a degree where the desktop speakers vanished. You could be staring straight at the speaker and swear it wasn’t on. It created a sound “bubble” in the space where sound appeared to travel in three dimensions. The micro details became louder and had more depth. High notes carried further. Piano notes had even more realistic metallic reverb. You could definitively hear when a piano key was struck harder than another. You can hear the shuffle of the player's feet as they work the pedals. Mid-bass tones/instruments no longer affect vocals, as the singer's voice was separate. Words are clear, concise, and sound more life-like. In older songs, you can hear track hiss get louder as a new track is being added into the song. The bass got tighter and more forceful. Then there was the emergence of new bass rhythms that I hadn't heard before in some songs.

Here is the system I am currently using.

Audioengine A2+
Audioengine S8 subwoofer.

The A2+ is being powered by Kimber Kable Summit Palladian
The S8 subwoofer is being powered by Kimber Kable Ascent

I am running these through an Acer Helios 300 Predator using Foobar2000 via USB:

Audioquest FMJ Jitterbug
Audioquest Dragonfly Cobalt
Audioquest Yosemite

From the A2+ I am running Synergistic Research’s Foundation RCA interconnects to the S8 subwoofer.
From A2+’s powered speaker to the passive speaker, I am running a vintage, modified Audioquest CV-4 using their Suregrip 500 series banana plugs.

The laptop is running Shunyata Research’s Venom V14 Digital cable. I am also using Audioquest’s NRG Edison power socket and PS Audio’s Noise Harvester.

A few months ago, I had a full Audioquest loom, using their NRG X,Y, and Z product line. Audioquest refuses to allow their higher end power cable line to have C5 and C7 connectors. As a result, I became somewhat disappointed in Audioquest. It was as if you only get a real glimpse of what they offer if you buy their top-most products and they limit you on what areas you can upgrade. Anything beneath that line is essentially a “broken” version of their better cable, in order to ensure it doesn’t sound superior to the model above it. This led me to seek out other manufacturers. I discovered that even though other companies like, Kimber Kable, Shunyata Research and Synergistic Research also diminish their lower product lines, they don’t do so by damaging the audio signal. They typically reduce the amount of tech, but still use their best technical advances so as not to hurt the signal on purpose. In other words, Audioquest breaks their promise of, “Do no harm.” That doesn’t mean I dislike all Audioquest products. As you can see, I still have some of their product line within this setup and will keep it in the system. Besides, I like having a varying degree of manufacturers to balance all the different “house” sounds. :)

 In about a week or so, I am changing out the AQ Yosemite and AQ CV-4 for Synergistic Research’s Foundation cables. This way I will have a full loom in the direct audio chain.

I have to say, folks have underestimated the A2+, they are extremely well engineered. :)

Thank you for taking the time with your follow up post. 

I have never had electricity described to me the way it was to you in terms of available power. The power draws on those other devices shouldn’t have impacted the available power to your components at all. I do believe the power systems of the chargers, lamp, and eraser are “dirty” and would generate noise. They describe the Component to Component Isolation (CCI) feature filters noise and doesn’t reflect back into the system. It does make me wonder if the Venom 16 has the ability to filter harmonics associated with those types of power supplies. I wonder if the unit you received has a defect and it isn’t working properly?

Before I make my final decision to purchase the Venom 16 I think it would be wise for me to contact them with some questions regarding the CCI feature. 



Just an update, I had the opportunity to switch the feet on the V16 back to their factory stock and the difference is fairly jarring. My holographic image flattened a bit. Instruments are well placed and clear as usual, but don't seem to move as  deeply forward or backward in space or as far outside the confines of the speakers as it had before. I ran it with the original feet for a few days to see if it just needed to settle a bit.  There wasn't any perceived difference.

So I put the steel feet back on and the music was more lively and my holographic bubble returned. It can therefore be discerned that the Venom V16 is indeed susceptible to vibrations and it can affect performance. O_O I learned something new.

Well done. Not only conditioners, pretty much everything. Right down to parts like AC outlets, outlet covers, transformers, caps, wires. If you can find something not improved with vibration control let me know. It won't be a first but it will be rare.

Now if you want to learn even more replace the optional feet with Nobsound springs. When you hear $30 worth of springs perform far better than your (I assume) much more expensive option feet, this is the beginning of real knowledge. For advanced degree learn springs isolate but they do resonate, and so some degree of damping will improve them. Then to find out what that is like try Townshend Pods or Podiums. But Nobsound are so cheap I would start there.


While exploring a different issue, I discovered something about the Venom V16 that IS NOT advertised by Shunyata and apparently is a fantastic feature.  It has their CGS grounding tech.  The distributor has the copper ground socket just like their higher and highest tier power distributors!

Now, I had built a grounding box for a custom cable, but now I think I will build a grounding box for the Venom V16.