Review: Studio Accoustics Hyperion 938 Speaker

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Coming back from the CES, these Puppy replacements followed me home.
I have all sorts of music: chamber, choral, opera, orchestral, folk, jazz, rock and strange stuff. So without a strong spot, I do not want any weak ones. I use my radio tuner and 78's 33's CD, SACD and DVD a and v.
I used Sinatra, the Voice and Come Fly with Me (lp); The Anonymous 4, Love's Illusion; Gorecki's Symphony No.3, Creedence's Willy (lp); The Commitments. Many others but you get the idea.
I wanted full range that sounds good cranked and at low level. I like sound staging and inaging, but not to an exclusion.The worst thing a speaker can do is sound impressive and then turn tiresome.
Coming hot off the show, I must say that I have done only thirty hours at home. But that must say something about staying power. Important reflection is that I was putting them through their paces, which means a cut at a time. The nice thing was that, as often as not, I let it play on.
The Hyperion replaces my Wilsons. I had upgraded as recently as 1999. Then came the news that I could never again. I could not choke down the new price.
My sound changed by having a faster attack than I had ever heard. This is new stuff from the driver. I get more detail and clarity instead of smear. It is not so fussy as the bass vents to the front. The price is miraculous!

Associated gear
VTL 150

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Thank you very much, Aceto.
I have the same feeling this speaker.

We only have one goal -- Beat them all on quality and price!

Hyperion 938 is uncomparable with Wilson Watt/Puppy7. This is a good speaker but the sound is far from excelent speakers as Dynaudio Contour 3.0, Audio Physic Caldera or Watt/Puppy7.