Review: Totem Beak Tweak

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Anyone posted hear tweak reviews?

Let me tell you that tweak is not the simpliest component to describe especially according to the A'Gon review standards he... he...:-)

For a long time I always thought what kinda toy is always displayed above almost all Totem speakers(except Wind that has angled top) and why I should pay for that extra or even consider to acquire these "toys" other than seing that it just looks cool??? When I came to the local dealer I "touched" them, picked them up and saw only some aluminium cone shaped semi-hollow figures that weigh approximately 20g each and was even more confused having been used to believe that they should've been heavy as hell made of lead or some other heavy metal.

After I brought these "toys" home and started to place them on top of each speaker I couldn't believe my ears how wide I could play with placement of these "toys" on its top varying the stage and radiation that is very close to the performance of the room equalizer!

After experimenting with my my Totem speakers I brought them to my friend who has Tannoy R1 on the main system and some Polk monitors(don't remember what model) on the bedroom system and started to experiment on both pairs of speakers with nearly the same results or even better(probably depends on room as well)!

The downsides of Beaks that they're built mainly for flat top boxed designes and certainly will slide or more precisely will have no use against angle top or angle-positioned speakers.

The positive side is that I can't imagine my speakers without beaks right now and it's realy fun to adjust! They can eliminate many room acoustic problems if used on relatively small and boxed speakers. A truly great engineering work thanks to Vincent!
one of those huge fosters should have those high frequencies tamed in no time....the tabs can be collcted and used in place of led shot in a variety of stands.
In audio, synergy is important. Given the fact that Totems are a Canadian speaker, I would strongly suggest a Canadian beer. If you are really into ultimate tweaking, realize that the Totem comes from Montreal. Therefore I would choose a beer from Montreal-based Molson brewery. And stick with a premium brand. I tried the ale and it hurts the sound.

Remember, you heard it here first, on Audiogon.
wat's wrong with mixing origins indeed?
neither i have 100% canadian\montreal system either!
i'd say i've got canadian\US\UK\Swiss system.

i personally favor german beer despite having no component made in germany and it does improve the sound after not more than a quart of internal consumption.
First of all, if you can see through the beer it is no good.
I tried Guiness (tall cans) but found Beamish (tall cans) work better.
Go figure.
I tried the beer can on top of my JM Labs. Have only one problem, seeing a full/unopened can of brew is just too much of a temptation! Cheers.