Review: Tripoint Troy AC filter

Category: Accessories

I will start by saying that the Tripoint is an esential part of a resolving system, for all serious music lovers.I have strived to build a system that conveys the music the way the artist intended! Each time I made an improvement I would be pleased for a while, and then realized that I still felt something was shy of the artists rendition. Words fall short of what the Troy does for the music.I get weary when I read reviews trying to decribe the sound or what piece of music improved. All I will say is since the purchace of the Troy I have bought a great deal of music and I listen to 80 or 90 percent of my collection now as opposed to 20 percent that would compliment the system!You don't know how much bad stuff is mixed in with the music till you hear it removed! The Troy does this to the Nth degree.Do your self a favor and discover what reproduction can be like.It can be darn close to the original event.Man if you have a desire to REALLY enjoy the music, then give the Troy a chance. Sit back and be prepared to experiance the music in a way you never thought possible.

Associated gear
Krell 650 mono blocks,Sound Lab Millenium one speakers, Accustic Art Dac1 MK4, Accustic Art Drive 1 trans, BAT 51 SE preamp,PS Audio Power Plant Premier, all Purist Audio Design power cables and speakers cables and interconnects,dedicated circut box,shielded a\c wiring going to outlets,9 foot ground rod for system only,speakers on granite,stands of granite,18 primitve root diffusers on walls, base traps,Shakti stones (3) on transport top.

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Great review!
How you connect Troy to monoblocks?
I don't know how to get ground out from my amp to try Troy in my system.
The picture of the krells on my review shows the small spades connected to the top of the case.I backed out a screw on the case just a little.It really is quite easy.The improvement is dramatic.
I have pictures of my system on the virtual systems, all out, under the name booboobaer.