Review : Tuneful Cables Pure Silver Amp-Preamp Jumper Cable

Budget Esoterica Review Magazine
September 2018 Issue

Tuneful Cables Pure Silver Amp-Preamp Jumper Cable

If you are not yet familiar with Tuneful Cables they are well worth investigating. They sell excellent cables for very reasonable prices. For example , the Tuneful Cables pure silver amp jumper cables sell for under $20 on Ebay and they are excellent regardless of price. I installed the jumpers on a vintage Yamaha AVC-50 amplifier and they pulled out a very impressive performance. The jumpers are made from Cardas pure silver cable with natural cotton insulation and they are also cryo treated. I noticed a very clean sound with very good treble extension, very smooth mid range and a dynamic full range high output sound. 

All you need to do is listen to a well recorded cd such as The Man Who Saved The World by David Bowie and you will appreciate what the jumper cables are capable of. Track number two, "All The Madmen" , sounded very dynamic with a wide frequency response. The highs had good headroom and extension. The vocals were slightly three dimensional. The guitars at the beginning of the song seemed a little less edgy than usual. Switching to track number four, "After All", i noticed clear vocals with a good sense of presence. The highs had a nice slightly metallic sheen.

You simply can't go wrong with the Tuneful Cables Pure Silver amp-preamp jumper cables. Excellent build quality, excellent sound. I don't see how you could beat them. They will extract every ounce of music from your amplifier and leave you with a big smile on your face. 

Associated Equipment

Yamaha AVC-50 integrated amp
Onkyo DV-SP405
NHT SB-1 speakers
Energy speaker stands
Ultralink Discovery interconnects
Wasatch Labs speaker cable with silver bfa banana plugs