Review: Tyler Acoustics Taylo Ref Monitor

Category: Speakers

After owning probably 12 pairs of high end speakers during this crazy hobby of mine, I am finally happy. I first heard these speakers at a good friends home and impressed imediately with the timber and accuracy they were capable of. I purchased a pair the next day and have been more than pleased.

These monitors not only offer solid imaging but are dynamic and project a HUGE soundstage. The driver compliment in this monitor is hard to beat at this pricepoint.(Seas and Scanspeak) The fit and finish is also excellent on the cabinets. You can even choose different internal wiring options and Binding Posts. (The Cardas work very well)

These speakers are truly a bargain at what Ty sells them for. I kind of feel like I got the better end of the deal in this purchase. They offer a musical liquidity that rivals speakers in the 15k and up category. In my dedicated listening room, the bass extension is deep and tight. For once, I am completely happy and no longer and travleing the upgrade path. I am just buying more music.

Associated gear
Electrocompaniet ECI-3 (Int. Amp)
Sony XA7ES (CDP)
Audioquest Anaconda XLR (Interconnect)
XLO Ref Type 5 (Speaker Wire)
Shunyata Sidewinder Gold (PC, AMP)

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I am really surprised there are no more threads about tyler acoustics on Agon. i have a pair of the Tyler Taylo reference II's. I have only had them about a month, I picked them up used on Agon. I am currently experimenting with these fantastic speakers and I beleive that copper wires are the way to go. My current set up is: Krell Ksa 100s- Audio research LS9 Pre - rotel 1070 cd player. I currently run Zu Cables through out but I am in the midst of replacing them all with PS audio from power cords to speaker cables and balanced ic's. The Zu cables are all silver through out and I think it lacks warmth and a little presence at the moment. The krell being as analytical already with the silver does not make a good combo. I guess to much of a good thing can be bad. What do you think??
Its all system dependent. I used come Cardas interconnects with my Tyler
Refs to good effect but with my Tyler custom Linwoods, I found the Cardas limited the speakers and swapped them for some silver Argent Audio Pursangs to connect to my Meridan pream and VAC tube amp.

Copper with Krell may be the trick. Try a few to see what works best. You'll be amazed with the right speaker wires and interconnects the full and detailed sound you can get from a pair of Tylers. They'll improve with the quality and synergy of the components you put in front of them.

I just bought a pair of the Tyler Tylo reference monitors on A-gon and am psyched about trying them out. I got an incredible deal and will test them against Soliloquy 5.3 and 5.0 and Meadowlark Audio Kestral 2s. Read an impressive litany of reviews on Audioreview (4.92/5.0 and over 40 reviews). Anyway, will post my impressions soon. By the way, did any of you used a sub with the Tylo reference to recover freq. below 40 hz?
I used an ACI Titan II (now called the Titan) with mine before upgrading to the Tyler Linbrook System. The ACI is a good match for the Taylos.

I love the Taylos so much that I kept them (currently occupying the rear 3 channels in my HT/multi-channel music 6.1 setup).

Well the meadowlark Kestral 2s and the Soliloquy 5.3s are out of the system, and PBN Montana SP IIIs and Tyler Acoustics Tylo reference monitors are in. I found a great deal on a pair of PBN Audio Montana SP IIIs in birdseye maple finish. I needed the cash to help fund this addition so I reluctantly sold the Kestral 2s. It was basically a dead heat between the Kestrals and the Tylo reference monitors; the Tylos have essentially equal extension on both high and low frequency bands, but perhaps a bit nicer center fill. Low level rez was also quite nice. Basically it came down to the fact that I could get about $300 more from the Kestrals than the Tylos and since I needed the cash the Kestrals had to go. But now with the Montana SP IIIs (as well as the Tylos) I am happy as a clam. For those who haven't heard the SP IIIs it is musical nirvanna; unbeatable mid range that is so clear and delicate it sounds as though the performers are actually there. Would anybody out there like to weigh in on the Montana SP IIIs...?
I just bought a pair of the floor-standing Reference Monitors in white ash directly from the manufacturer. The sound is superb and they are beautifully made. I use them with an Anthem amp and pre-amp, and listen almost exclusively to classical music. These speakers are an incredible value and merit serious consideration from anyone looking for excellent speakers. I am totally delighted with this outstanding product.
I bought a pair of these to replace magnepan 3.3 and I am a very happy man .Powering them with Scott lk-150 amp