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I'll cut to the chase...Some audiophiles are not ready to hear about how much difference this power cord can make in a high end audio system. I'm not kidding, the Nite power cord might just be one of the biggest upgrades I've made to my system! First off, I'm not claming to be an expert on power cords, nor have I tried a fraction of the power cords out there. I just wish to communicate what a profound difference this power cord has made on my system.

The first product I tried from Virtual Dynamics was their $125 2i power cord. This cord made a bigger improvement to the sound than any other power cord I had tried to date. I then upgraded to the Virtual Dynamic’s Audition power cord, which produced an even greater degree of enhancement. There was so much more low-level detail and tonal purity along with every other aspect of the sound being improved. Rick from Virtual Dynamics really wanted me to try his top of the line Nite power cord, even though I told him I really didn’t want to spend any more on a power cord. I was perfectly happy with the Audition power cords, one on my Accuphase 65V CD player and another on my Spectron Musician II power amp. How could a power cord have any more affect on a system than what I was already hearing? He said he’d send it anyway even if I didn’t intend on buying it. “I just want you to see what’s possible when this technology is taken to the extreme and for you to tell me your thoughts on it.” I said ok, send it. When I first received the cord I plugged into a receptacle over night but had no component hooked up to it, so it was not even close to being broken-in. The next day I plugged it into my CD player then dropped Ginger Baker’s Coward of the County into the tray and hit the play button. Before the first track was even though I had a tear running down my cheek. There is no way a power cord is supposed to make that much difference! This was not just more low-level detail and tonal purity; this was also affecting things on a Grand Scale. It was as if I had upgraded to mono blocks. The whole presentation had changed; there was awesome bass pitch, extension and control in the low frequencies. The soundstage had become more three dimensional and focused. I felt like a light had been turned on and illuminated the soundstage, I could clearly see were each instrument and musician were positioned. There was also an unmistakable transformation in the systems transparence. Notes were emerging from a much blacker background and then decaying into utter silence. The increase in dynamic shading both macro and micro were so much more convincing too, further bridging the gap between recorded and live music. Then of course was the increase in low-level detail and tonal purity. Words really do fail in trying to express what this power cord did for my system.

I had no intention of spending more money on a power cord but I don’t think Rick’s getting this one back. I believe this power cord has done more to increase my enjoyment of music than just about any other tweak. It also brought about a larger degree of improvement than upgrading my CD player from an Accuphase 65 to the 65V. After hearing this kind of improvement from a power cord I realized just how weak the weakest link in my system was. I then thought about all the audiophiles that still don’t think a power cord can make a difference and how they might not ever know just how good their system can really sound. Before you dump more money on upgrading components, try upgrading what might be the weakest link in your system first. As much as this cord sells for I believe it to be money well spent.

Associated gear
Amplifier: Spectron Musician II
Preamplifier (or None if Integrated): none
Sources (CDP/Turntable): Accuphase 65V
Speakers: KSUed R645 Newform's
Cables/Interconnects: XLO sig. IC & XLO 5.1 speaker cable
Music Used (Genre/Selections): Jazz, Classical, Folk and Rock
Other (Power Conditioner etc.): Virtual Dynamics Audition & Nite power cords
Type of Audition/Review: Home Audition

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GME109. I use a VD audition on the sim4070se directly into the wall. It was major improvement. I use a cro'd vd power2 extension on the monster HTS2000 into which I plug everthing else. This improved it again. Note, Rick at VD likes his PC's run directly into wall. However, I found the vd power 'extension' cord placed on the monster gives me very good improvement. Power cords can make a difference and I fully agree with your idea of trying one first, before throwing money at a upgrade. It is money well spent for me.
It's about two months old.

It is also referred to in ads posted by Virtual Dynamics here on audiogon.

Makes ya wonder...
Theniels, thanks for the link, but truthfully, I see nothing wrong with posting the same review on two different sites in what looks like a simple cut and paste job from the same person! Perhaps this fact should have been mentioned by Gme109 in his initial post (clearly he is a new Audiogon member, so that may explain the delay) but it does nothing to discredit his views. I have not heard any of the high end Virtual Dynamics power cords but loved the Power 3 cord (at $70 each factory direct) so much that I ended up with 9 of them in my systems! Like so many A'gon members, I have a great deal of respect for the Virtual Dynamics product line and for the tremendous customer service offered by Rick and Brett!!!
Wmcmanus, Gme109 is not a new member, just a new forum poster. He has A'gon sales feedback (positive, as I noted above) going back about 1 1/2 years. (FWIW, all of his transactions look to be sales, but I wouldn't know what of.) I think an explanation of Theniels findings by Gme109 would not be out of order. In fact, the second part of Theniels findings, if correct, is worthy of comment by VD. (But, perhaps ironically, I am duty-bound to note that Theniels has also made his first-ever forum post with this thread, and has no A'gon history in any capacity. Make of all this what you will.)
Hello everyone,

Yes this was my first post on Audiogon and I did post the same review on Audio Asylum a while back. I have as others have pointed out, sold several items on Audiogon and have a history of posting on AA. To answer a few questions, I plug my amp and cd player directly into the wall. I was using a Audio Prism Foundation III line conditioner until I tried Ricks 2i power cords. Everything sounded better plugged right into the outlet. This was the first time I had these results with a power cord, all others still benefited from the line conditioner. I was so blown away by what Rick's $125 power cord could do that I upgraded to his $250 Audition power cords and now as my review states I'm using the Nite on my Accuphase 65 V.

Also in respose to Zaikesman's post, no offense is taken, it's good to be some what suspicious of people's motives. But I can assure you I have no ulterior motives to posting a postive review on Virtual Dynamics prouducts. I'm just an audiophile like the rest of you who wanted to share my enthusiasm about a killer prouduct.

Gary M