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I recently compared the Nite to the Quattro Fil RCA interconnects between my pre-amp and amp. I was introduced to Virtual Dynamics through Audiogon and was extremely impressed with their power cords, especially the Nite series. Therefore, while I thought the Quattro Fil was as "state of the art" as I could afford and was and is a good quality interconnect, I just had to try the Nite interconnect. This is an initial review, as the Nite has only been installed for three days. The Nite dramatically expands the soundstage in ALL directions, presents a more three-dimensional space with lots of air and harmonics with bloom and decay more vividly rendered than with the Quattro Fil. Opera becomes much more involving, with greater separation and micro/macro dynamics with instruments, chorus and especially major performers. Organ notes are deeper and bass in general is more controlled but still "connected" with the music. Jazz trios are much more "there". The Quatrro Fil is more forward, with great center fill but vocals more separated from the accompanists. Nite has a much deeper soundstage, and an dramtically improved sense of the venue and bloom and decay of the music. Very, very involving. I will not return to the Quattro Fil.

Associated gear
Pass Labs X-1 pre-amp
Music Reference RM9MkII amp w/6550s
Snell Type A loudspeakers
Nordost SPM reference speaker cables

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Nordost Quattro Fil
i also went from quattro fil,to vd nite ic's . you should review equipment for a sounstage widened,& depth increased dramatically.the male & female voices now had a body behind them.i just bought a second pair to use on my dac to pre run,trying to rid my system of digital glare.give them a good 200 hours to maximize there bass potential & fill in the mids.ive used discovery essence,quattro fill,ht magic,steath pgs,hms topmatch,& acoustic zen silver mk1,but feel like i finally found the interconnect for my system,happy holidays
I upgraded from the Virtual Dynamics Reference to the NITE series and compared both running from my AA Capitole MKII CDP. The upgrade to NITE was not a small one... As both other reviewers mentioned, 3D imaging and musicality increased substantially. This was also right out of the box! Clarity is also one of its virtues; the highs are crystal clear just like silver but without the coherence and midrange bleaching issues.
Does Virutal Dynamics relable somebody elses stranded wire or do they make their cable all in house like the Kimber Select does. The only cable I found to really make anything but a suble kind of difference was the Kimber Select. The Kimber Select just happens to be a cable that was developed and every part of the cable built in house. Most use somebody eleses stranded or solid core wire ,, like from Belden or one of the other large wire manufactures..and repackage it. Any body ever compare this cable to the Kimber Select? Not many cable makers make all their own parts and design and manufacture every part of the cable in house, even the wire itself (except an opt WBT connector if wanted). Just wondering,,, I think the Kimber KS 3035 and KS 1130/1030 are good cables,, of course it's all system dependent. Whats so outstanding about a Quatro fil,,, SPEED,, Nordas gave up so much other qualities for speed. Any one compare this cable to the Kimber Select? I would concider the KS 3035 to be a reference cable. I've had other smaller cable makers make claims to me that their cable was as good or better than the Kimber Select to only find them falling way behind and only being common. Either a silver or copper signature sound.. The finer quality like air, inner detail, TONE, space, transparency, bass definition missing. Seeing a lot of talk about this cable and I already see it for sale used.. A Kimber 3035 comes up a couple times a year on the used market and when it does it sells fast... I'm just wondering. Thx in advance, mike
Mikec, that previous response really had no place in this thread... I've never even seen this kind of stuff on
Mikec, you should give Rick Schultz at Virtual Dynamics a call, he can clear up any questions you might have about his product. I've been running his entire cryo'd Audition Package since the beginning of the year and during the summer upgraded the digital cable to Nite.

Even cryo'd and cooked at the factory Virtual Dynamics cables need lot's of time to fully break-in but when they do, wow! Straight out of the box I've always noticed that Virtual Dynamics cables and cords throw a massive soundstage with great center focus. They do sound a bit icy early on, but that wears away after a few weeks to a month, then you get both detail and flowing musicality.
Sorry Buckingham, I don't understand what your refering to? I was asking if anyone ever compared the VD Nite to the Kimber Select and if anyone knows if VD manufactures their own wire in house or uses wire supplied by a wire manufacturer like 90% of all other cable makers do. From my understanding very few audio cable companies actually manufacture their own wire and every other part that makes up their cable. Some times it appears to me that a new cable will hit the boards here on A'gon and seem to get an over bundance of praise,,, almost like it's being more pushed and advertised. Since so many are praising this cable and making clams that its the best cable they used,, I thought it fair to ask if anyone can claim to make a comparision to a very well known expensive but excellant cable like the Kimber Select. There are others as good and even better than the Kimber Select. I just choose a cable that is universally accepted as being a very good cable and a cable that is 100% made in house.. What was so "Unheard" of for asking a few questions? Isn't that what this disussion area is for.. You seem to be offended. I really don't care what you think or say. I'm more interested in keeping to topic about this cable.. It draws interest with so much talk. If you have any other concerns and would like to discuss it,,, look up my email addy and give a hollar,, I'll be glad to answer or explain anything your having a problem understanding.. mike
Thank you Gunbei,, This cable seems to be getting some interest. I tried quite a few different cables thru the years in 4 different systems.. You get to learn a little with using so many different cables and components. Most cable I found to made subtle to moderate differences.. Than you will come across a cable that makes a big difference.. usually an expensive cable from a manufacture with the resouces and years of experience like the guy from Nirvania or Ray Kimber.. Just happens to turn out that both manufacture every part of the cable in house. Makes sense to me to try cable from companies like these two. If a company has the resources to build their best cable from scratch "all in house",, makes more sense to me that their cable has some real R&D behind it.. Also both their cables happened to be a cable that made larger improvements when tested personally.. Lot of the popular cable looked equally impressive and well made but showed subtle differences,,, also turned out that those companies used wire purchased from a wire manufacture and suppiles from other sources to build their cable. Makes a lot of sense to me.. Has anyone actually compared cables from companies that develope and build their cable from scratch all in house. Go try a Kimber Select or Nirvania compared to a basement cable maker no matter what claims are made.. Just try it yourself.. and make your own judgements. Of course it takes a high resolution system properly setup to start with. Do a search and look at the Kimber Select KS 3035 and look at what went into the development of that spk cable and what materials and design was used to finalise that cable. It uses a special compound and is an "UNSHIELDED" cable. Anyone who knows a little about cable knows the unshielded cable can easily pick up RFI but always is the better sounding cable. A shield protects the cable from noise but always degrades the signal... A good cable does nothing except pass the signal... The better cable gets more out of the way and lets the components speak for themselves. It's amazing at how much signal loss occures when being passed thru a cable and it's equally amazing at how good your high end equipment is when used with the better cable that gets out of the way... The weakest link in our systems is the cable.. Some cable passes the signal with little degragation to the signal.. Most cable pollutes that signal so much that it is the main cause of your expensive higher end equipment to disappoint.. When finding that right cable (and its usually very expensive and from a pioneer in cable design like Ray Kimber)it's just amazing to show how good your electronics are.. If you spent the money on an expensive high end system,,,, you better not skimp out on inferior cable,,,, I had so many conversations with people who have these great systems but just refuse to believe or even try to demo the proper cable for their systems... If I can help just one person here who has a high dollar setup and not happy with its performance,,, I say to you to JUST please demo (its free to demo)in home on your system,,, the most expensive cable that the dealer recommends for your system... It cost nothing to demo,,, the cost of shipping.. Call your dealer who carries the most expensive cable,,, and give it a week to settle into your system,,, You won't believe that a stupid simple (its not so simple) wire can make that much of a difference.. Best to use the same cable as a full system cable.... It cost nothing to try... Go try a few top end cables from a few top manufactures... Do try basements companies at first... Play it safe at first and go try a Kimber KS 3038 and 1130/1030 or Nirvania cable (they don't make different models). Go try a top Transparent cable (even with the stupid box). Try a Nordas Vahalla, or Cardas Golden Cross,, The cable is system dependent,,, one of these cables will be a good match for your system,, and when it does match you will never be satisfied with common cable again. Call the Cable Co and get some demos and buy a cheap cable off them just to pay for the right to try a demo... To a person who has the system but only using 500 cables,,, go treat yourself to a demo... It won't hurt to just demo and try for yourself. Your 30k system will now sound like a 30k system. A 60k system will sound like a 100k system. A 5k system will sound like the 30k system.. I heard the KS 3035 on an inexpensive entry level Maggie/Plinius/Audio Note system.... WOW,, did that real world inexpensive system sound much much better than 80k ulta high end systems I heard in Penthouses in NYC (great components but all mis matched and using garbage MIT cable).
Merry Christmas/Happy New Year --- I never talk this much,, you got my years worth tonite.
Hey Mike, I apologize if my response seemed obtus... After quickly reading over your reply it seemed like you were one of those guys who were just trying to push another cable they like by posting a thread in another product's review. I see a lot of this type of stuff on and even on this site. After reading your other threads it's clear that you're just a regular Audiophile like all of us looking for some simple answers. Keep up the great effort on your essay-like responses to the threads. All the best, Eric.
Mike, there was another review on the NITE ICs where the reviewer compared them to his Kimber Select. Do a search here on Audiogon and you'll find it. Apparently the NITE blew the Kimber Select away.