Review: XLO 1.1 signature Interconnect

Category: Cables

I purchased a pair of Harmonic Technology Magic in January and was wondering how my previous reference cable the XLO signature would compare and purchased a pair of signature cables used for $250. Straight out of the package even though the signature wasn't used previously it was no contest especially in the bass the signature seemed to have another octave lower bass extension and considerably more weight and definition,the midrange is much more transparent compared to the harmonic cable which has a veiled sound kind of like a fog where you can't see or hear through clearly in this case. Their wasn't any sonic parameter in which the XLO wasn't superior to the harmonic cable. I'd assumed cables had been improved in the last ten years and the signature was completely obsolete by now. I was totally wrong.

Associated gear
Audio Aero Capitol 24/192
VTL 450 signatures
Dunlavy IV
Nordost SPM
MGD PCZ corner tunes
Brightstar air mass and sand box.

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"harsh" no they are just telling the truth about the components characteristics which are being feed into them. the higher priced models are even better is absolutely true also.
this is one interonnect that has come, gone, and comeback. i think that is the biggest compliment to a cable design.

it is very neutral with no short comings in my opinion. i dont hear the leaness in the mid that the stereophile review mentioned.

it is very coherent from top to bottom, images extremly well, and the bottom end is incredible.

i would be hard pressed to recommend a more "neutral & transparent" cable at the used price range this cable is at.

I had the XLO signature interconnect for about 10 years now. Everytime, when I tried to find a replacement somewhere else (like Cardas golden reference)to upgrade it, I always went back to the 1.1. The thing I like the cable is the precision of imaging, rich texture and the sweet highs. This cable can play a very musical and sweet violin.