Revisit Pioneer PL-71

I have posted a similar thred regarding my PL-71 and people kinda laughed at me. Tonight I’m listening to my PL-71, using the same interconnects on my VPI Scoutmaster. On the Pioneer I’m using a Koetsu Urushi Black. On my VPI , I’m using a Dynavector XV-1S. Using the same interconnects and with a dampened tonearm on the Pioneer, I can hear no difference in the playback, except in spite of the Dynavector touting 1 mv more output, I can hear no difference. I’m saying this mainly due all the naysayers that there’s no way my 45 year old $400 turntable can sound as good a a more expensive TT. Actually the Koetsu’s output is slightly more, in spite of its stats saying it actually puts out 1 mv less. Thats neither here or there. The point I’m trying to make is you don’t nessecarilly have to have a more expensive TT to get better sound. Yes, all my settings have been checked and rechecked on the VPI. The Koetsu actually has a better bass response than the Dynavector, but that has no bearing on my post. I’ve played Steely Dan’s Groucho, to insure I have a good source. BTW, when I first tried the Urushi, it sounded very hollow, but after talking to Koetsu USA, I increased the mass on the Pioneer tonearm and it sounded so much better. Just sayin.
In my system its been easy to hear changes as small as:
1. different bearing thrust plate
2. different bearing ball
3. different plinth
4. different arm
5. different cartridge
6. different platter
7. different record clamp
8. different shelf
I could go on but hopefully by now you get the point. If its easy in my system to hear all these relatively tiny changes, what do you suppose are the odds two completely different turntables, with different arm and cartridge, would sound the same?

Slim? Or none?

Could be your interconnect is so awful its smearing to the point you're unable to hear any difference. Could be your hearing is poor to the extent you're unable to hear any difference. Could be both.

Just sayin.
You may be right about my hearing.  I'm 65 years young and know I can't hear anything over 12K.  My interconnects are not top of the line, but am using Verastarr phono interconnects and Transparent music link supers as xlr cables.  I have made an appt with my ENT, to find out how bad my hearing has digressed.  I almost hate to find out, but we all get to the place we can't hear what we used to.  I hope you have many more years of excellent hearing.  From what you said, you have excellent hearing.