Revisiting Chinese Knockoff Cables

Why I don/t know, but the first thread has been removed recently. So, having benefited from it greatly, I felt compelled to recap my journey, so that others of limited budgets might make a huge leap that they otherwise could not afford:

When I first got my EVS 1200 I was using Series 8 WireWorld interconnects, speaker cables and Pangea Premier XL 1.5m coax cable. As you mentioned, I was extremely happy with the amp (compared to PS Audio M700s). Eventually I came across the Chinese Cable knockoff thread and first tried the fau-Nordost Odin 1.5m coax which was/is amazing: as they were so cheap compared to the $169 1.5m Pangea, I also bought a 1.0M Odin, but didn’t try it until after I replaced both the WW cables with Odin 2 XLRs and cables. Then I replaced the 1.5m with the 1.0 and was kinda blown away that 0.5m of the same coax could be THAT much better.

While my all SS system sounded very good, it was a bit too sharp, so I ordered Odin Gold speaker cables (at ~ $170/2.5m). Unfortunately one leg must of had a bad solder joint as it barely sent the music . It took a couple months before they replaced it, which I finally installed 2 days ago: BAM. Even immediately, but of course it needs break in time. The weather here (Ft Lauderdale) has been really bad, I have only left for short quick trips. Today we are under a tornado watch, so won't leave, but as soon as I can get out for a few hours I will put on my XLO burn-in disc, which I use on everything I insert, including the M 700s, EVS, and Voyager which expedites break in, which still takes a good 50-100-200 hours!

Summing this up: cables can/do make or break a system. If I had these cables when I first got the EVS, I probably would never have gotten the Voyager, which of course I am itching to compare again, but could still be awhile

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I have original Nordost Odin 2 cables. One of the members in my audio group obtained these Chinese cables and he came to my house to compare them. The interconnects, especially the gold, looks very similar to the original (from the outside). They sound wonderful especially for the price and hate to say it but they have the Nordost signature. I would say they give 70-80% of the real Nordost sound.
Unfortunately I think the Chinese use the same interconnect cable design for power cables as well as speaker cables. This makes the Chinese copy power cables sound a bit harsh. The worst is their speaker cable as it is not even close in design (nordost makes ribbon speaker cables). The Chinese Nordost speaker cables are also made with interconnect cable design which clearly causes distortion. I have not tried any other Chinese versions (digital cables).

Of course it is for the individual to decide if it is ethical to support copying and flagrant disregard to patent rights. I understand that the originals are way overpriced. So I don’t think anyone can be totally faulted for going the Chinese route.

Anyway buying is not illegal but selling them as real ones may land someone with criminal consequences. So please be careful.


I found this speaker wire with similar look of Valhalla to sound fleshier than my Valhalla 1 speaker wire yet still have the Valhalla sonics. Very robust and fast speaker wire. RM Digital is the only store to sell anything with this form factor.


I’m also using the Valhalla 2 speaker cable from RM Digital. Big improvement over the Odin Gold.