Revopod vs IsoAcoustics Gaia 1's

I presently have my Focal Sopra II’s sitting on Iso Acoutics Gaia 1 speaker isolation feet. I have been trying to do some research on the possibility of replacing the Gaia 1’s with the Revopods. Has anyone on here compared those 2 products to find out which is better? I have been thinking of trying a set of the Revopods which I can get at a 25 percent discount until the end of the year. Even with the discount, the investment would be nothing to sneeze at, plus I am skeptical as to whether or not that investment would be worth it. If anyone has any experience with the 2 different products, good or bad, I would like to hear about it. Or if you think there is a better product out there, please share that also. Thanks


Thanks Ozzy, I have heard of those and read some really great reviews about them.  I just totally forgot about those, so thanks for reminding me.  As a whole, I have been pretty happy with the Gaia's but thought maybe I can squeeze a little more out of my Sopra's.

+1 @ozzy on Townshend.  The reviews on their Seismic products are consistently and incredibly positive — rare for any products much less those in the “tweaky” realm — and I wouldn’t make any purchase in this category without at least considering them.  Best of luck.


When you set up your Sopra's do you level the base of the speaker or the top?  When I first got mine I leveled the base of the speaker which caused the mid-range driver to be pointed downward, as a result the soundstage sounded like the musicians were sitting down.  I lived with them for a short while like this, then decided to level the tops of the speakers to see if that helped, as a result that did help, so now the sounds comes from someone standing instead of sitting.  I had to make some longer studs to go into the front Gaia's in order to accomplish that.  The only problem with leveling the tops of the speakers is now the base of the speaker it tilted backwards quite a bit, the front of the speaker base is around 5 inches above the floor while the back of it is only around 2.5 inches above the floor.  I never really thought about that until now after looking at the Townshend podiums, the way they are built I don't think I would be able to get the top of the speaker level.  I don't know, maybe I am doing something wrong but the sound is good with them sitting like that.

I leveled mine by the base. The top would be difficult to level because of the slanted top. With the Townshend's that would be not needed.



That is what I started out with, but in my room it drove me crazy that everyone sounded like they were sitting down, only after tilting them backwards the sound changed to a more realistic sound stage with performers standing.  And yes they were difficult to level by the top, as I said I had to make some longer studs to go into the front footers to accomplish it.  I have seen other demos with them tilted back, if fact that is where I got the idea to do that.  I have never really cared for the way they look tilted back so I may revisit leveling of the base to see what happens, in fact that is the way the guys a Upscale told me to level them when I bought them.  My biggest fear with the Townshends is everyone will sound like they are sitting again and I won't be able to do anything about it using those.  Oh well, I think I am going to tweak to see what I can come up with before I make a decision to either keep what I have or try something different.  Thanks for the advise.