Revopod vs IsoAcoustics Gaia 1's

I presently have my Focal Sopra II’s sitting on Iso Acoutics Gaia 1 speaker isolation feet. I have been trying to do some research on the possibility of replacing the Gaia 1’s with the Revopods. Has anyone on here compared those 2 products to find out which is better? I have been thinking of trying a set of the Revopods which I can get at a 25 percent discount until the end of the year. Even with the discount, the investment would be nothing to sneeze at, plus I am skeptical as to whether or not that investment would be worth it. If anyone has any experience with the 2 different products, good or bad, I would like to hear about it. Or if you think there is a better product out there, please share that also. Thanks


+1 on the Townshend. Game changer and very easy to adjust the rake angle on the speaker. I adjusted the Persona 5F a few degrees up and really opened up the stage and speakers really fill a 27 ft long room  


Thanks ozzy, I think you were mentioned somewhere in the several messages between John and I.  And hey, by the way I have been working on getting my speakers leveled by the base all day and what do you know, they sound great and no one seems like they are sitting down.  The only 2 things I can chalk that up to when I first got them is poor set up, (my set up skills are modest at best) and the poor electronics I had at the time.  I think once I get the podiums the sound is going to improve a lot more.


I have used Gaia 2's under my loudspeakers which definitely improved the their sound. Because I'm I a tinkerer by nature, I  replaced the Gaia's a year later with heavy, slightly damped compression coil springs that I found on Amazon. Shockingly, the homemade version sounded better! (Both forms of isolation were tuned to 5-10Hz.)

However, in the end I succumbed to forking out for the Townshend Seismic Isolation Podiums. They are stunning: far superior to both previous isolation efforts and completely freeing the music from the constraints of the speaker cabinets. Probably well worth their large price tag...

Go for the best!