Revox B970 malfunction

Hi everybody (it's B790 the correct name)

First issue:
Has anyone of you Revox owners happen to experience this:
less than half a minute after pushing Play, the playback stops and the moving headshell from the arm zeroes back to 00.00. You push play again, in 20 secs it happens again.

Second thing:

Can please someone direct me to where I can find instructions to remove the cartridge from the tonearm or from the shell, it’s a Shure V15 that I need to relocate, since the repair of the turntable in Romania seems not very likely...

Thank you kindly for reading this!

found this on the net from vinyl engine

by Steerpike_jhb » 20 Dec 2009 00:18

"Frako" brand capacitors used in all ReVox components from the 1970s and 1980s are now going short circuit. It is a very, very common 'fault'.
The good part is that it makes these very expensive and desirable machines look totally broken, so you can get them for good money. The repair is extremely simple and cheap - just replace every electrolytic capacitor.

Electronically the ReVoxes are great to work on - NO use of exotic ICs that you can't get anymore (as with Japanese direct drives). The mechanical parts may be a bit harder to find - notably the cueing damper used on the *first* series of B790, but later upgraded to be immortal.

My revox b760 tuner went kaput after powerup, so
I rebuilt the power supply with kit from revox parts seller and everything came back working. Can't tell what your problem is but it can't hurt to try.