Ribbon Tweeters and Animal Hair

I recently purchased a pair of Ascend Sierra 2-EX (with RAAL ribbon tweeter) and have been keeping the grills on in fear of issues with pet hair. I have 2 cats and a dog. 

I hate to cover up what I think is a unique looking speaker and beautiful woofer but want to keep them protected. Am I safer to keep the grills up, or is that being overly cautious? 
@parker65310 Even creepier when the wife and I are discussing something and we both get ads within minutes on our phones. 
Keep it on ! Lots of stories around about animals damaged different kind of  equipment. The last one here was about cat urinated on top dollar amplifier caused electrical shortage and amp totalled. Speakers dynamics is along standing thing. Their movement attract cats as nothing else.  
"Always keep pets away from delicate gear. A good blast with pressurized air for cleaning on occasion sounds like a good idea to me."  Mapman

Not sure my dog would go for that.  But I guess it would teach him not to go near the hi-fi.