Ric Ocasek dead at 75

I just read the news of the death of "The Cars" frontman  Ric Ocasek. I loved their music. RIP.
Every time I learn that a well known and perhaps famous musician has died I am waiting to hear the words Keith Richards.

Not gunna happen.
Keith Richards? Hell, Jerry Lee Lewis is still above ground! The last of the original 1950's Rockers.
Always liked The Cars, great upbeat cruising music.  Their records were often of audiophile quality from the get go, with remasters being only slightly better than the originals, if that.  

I never did hear their last studio album, Move Like This, released in 2011.  They had plenty of time to write, as their prior studio recording was made in 1986.

I am curious if anyone can comment as to whether it is as good as their earlier stuff.