Richard Wagner: Overtures on Amazon

Richard Wagner: Overtures on Mercury living presence cd. Just letting you know that I at first when looking on Amazon thought that this listing for $75.00 for the Mercury cd used was the price for the lp, but oh how wrong I was.There were two for sale the second offering was for the cd again but the price was more than double 174.00 for a cd oh I forgot the listing is for a shrink wrapped one. I would think that anyone that would a by a Mercury cd for this price really needs a head examination fast and quick. Anyone of my fellow Audiogon members ever see something like this that quickly turned your head.
Its a free market, if somebody wants it, they will buy it and if it is too much it likely wont sell. I certainly would never pay that much for any album or disc but I guess some might.
Your post reminds me of searching for a certain Brahms Piano Quintet CD. I googled and one showed up on Amazon, used, from a private seller. I can't remember the exact price, but remember it was nearer 200.00 than 100.00. The recording comes highly recommeded, but, alas, will have to wait.

Steve O.
if it is too much??? yes its to much 175.00 for a cd that can be purchased from any used outlet for less than eight bucks with shipping. Free market is one thing, but a reasonble price would make a whole lot of sense.
I know its too much and I doubt anyone will buy it, guys like this seller hopefully dont make too much money.