Ridge Street Audio Sason Owners

I'm waiting for my Sasons. Just wondering how many Sason owners are out there. Are you still enjoying them? Have any of you moved on to other speakers? If so, why?
I heard the Atmaspheres are great with the Sasons but the price is steep...Sigh..may be one day. Is it just me or do people have problem spending more money on the amps than the speakers?
I've had my Sason's for about two years. They were the first pair built with outside xover etc. I'm totally enjoying them. In my opinion they outperform my original wood Avalon Monitors and SF Guarneri Homage. Image superbly.

fwiw, they sound phenomenal with the relatively unknown Marantz Reference stack, the MA9S1 mono amps and SC1 preamp. (If you're curious you can read about the updated "2" Marantz stack, which is used now as reference electronics at 10audio http://www.10audio.com/marantz_ma-9s2.htm )
Rubinken, I think the MA9S2 has been supplanted by the Jones Audio amp ($19k, yikes) that was just reviewed on 10audio site. The Marantzes are beautiful, and I'm sure they kick ass driving the Sasons. But again those are some expensive electronics. My custom mono amps were over $6k and to me that's pushing it. I'm always interested to hear how the Sasons compare to other speakers. Are you driving the Sasons with the MA9S1s? How deep and punch is the bass with them?
Aggielaw, holding onto speakers for 3 years is like a lifetime to some audiophiles. Congradulations. I hope I will enjoy my Sasons as much as some of you. Seems like you like the McCormacks for amplification. Is this what you settled on after auditioning other amps? If so what were they?