Ridge Street Audio Sason Owners

I'm waiting for my Sasons. Just wondering how many Sason owners are out there. Are you still enjoying them? Have any of you moved on to other speakers? If so, why?
Dracule 1, two MA9S1's drive my Sason's. The bass and pinpoint 3D staging is excellent, much better than with my Edge NL10.

For me though, I'm mostly moved by a truthful midrange- accurate timbres & subtle overtones. I'm content with the musicality/synergy of the Sason's and my aging Marantzes. Exploring music & musicians rather than hardware is my journey now. There's a point when we gotta say "good nuf" with 'da schtuff'

(As I write this, Thomas Stanko's new CD Dark Eyes is playing. Highly recommended!)
How's the teaching going Rubinken
I thought your setup sounded familiar

Pat in Toronto
Greetings to you Pat! How are you doing taming the anomalies of your sound room?

As for teaching, ugh! Here in the states, sadly, we’re pressured to focus on teaching rather than learning. On quantity of measurements (tests) rather than expanding the quality of thinking. Fill-in-the blank tests is the game of No Child Left Behind, which does not develop sorely needed creative problem solvers & communicators. Edumacrats could learn a thing or two from the audiophile community about how misleading it is to only look at numbers. But don't get me going... And don’t let me hijack this thread, as the Sason’s deserve greater recognition & exposure.
Ahh the room is the one thing in my system I would love to change ..maybe in another lifetime have a look at my system pics ..it's quite a conundrum
The Sason's do sound good though no changes in the works anytime soon just enjoying the music

It's good to hear from you again
How's sunny Seatle ?