Ridiculous resale price of vintage equiment

The price of used vintage is downright beyond ridiculous nowadays.

It seems like many hispters are buying crap based on the looks and many flippers are happily milking them.

As an audiophile and collector this really pisses me off... sure I could sell my collection for stratospheric numbers but then what would I do with my hobby?

When I see good looking stuff, like an ARC D70 MkII selling for as much as a crappy sounding, unrestored Marantz 2240.. well, I croak. Heck, I gave one of those away because they are not very good.

Today I was comparing my really recently rebuilt ( and I mean, really rebuilt, not just "recapped" ) Marantz 2325 and Sansui G-7500. The Marantz is dark but warm, the Sansui,which sounds a lot better than the Marantz, paints a nice musical landscape but has no real depth, etc... I gave them both the best chance, driving them from the pre-out of my CJ preamp so they are getting an outstanding source... and yet, well, they sound vintage.

Is the Marantz worth $2500? Is the Sansui worth $1500? From an audiophile point of view, nope. They look good, but my DIY Aleph 5 monos, my ARC D70 MkII, and a bunch of my other amps/preamps sound far better... and yet, they are not overpriced.

OK, except for the buffoon in eBay who was asking for $26K for his Pass Aleph 2 amps.

At least the poseurs have not found Quad yet.

What do you think? Are these prices interfering with your hobby?  



I don’t think it’s people who need money, I think it’s a combination of people staying at home, having not many things to spend money on and as the prices started to go up, the flippers stepped in and took it from there.

In regards to used NAD components.. that’s a case where they are not "sexy" even though they sound really good. I have a Monitor Series 1700 pre/tuner and a pair of 2200 amps... and they punch really way above their price point. Yet, no one seems to love them.

While a crappy ’73 Superscope receiver with 7 watts is listed at 300 bucks, the 1700 barely breaks 200. Go figure... such is the distortion in the market.

not only gear, NOS tubes have taken hike as well, very glad I stocked up when I did. There‘s a dude called Bangy Bang tubes on ebay charging eye watering prices for really commonplace stuff..

Buyers always set the price, never the seller, because the price is what someone is willing to pay. Supply and demand.

We are in a bubble, and the shortage of chips just adds to the price tag of used equipment whether or not it is something enduring. It doesn't interfere with my listening for now, given the equipment I use. I had to replace an A/V pre-pro recently for the small A/V system here (nothing to do with the music systems) and that wasn't easy since a lot of appliance type CE is backordered. 

We are doing a kitchen renovation and I was shocked that the dishwasher we ordered actually arrived. I trust that will improve with time. As to Saul Marantz/Sid Smith stuff, it's been high priced for a while. The OP doesn't sound confused about what is enduring and what isn't. 

There was a shop here in Austin, now closed, that specialized in '70s receivers and big bookshelf type speakers. Kind of a time warp. They didn't really have anything I would buy (except for some serious antique poster art), but I visited a couple times. The one guy's name was.... wait for it...

Robert Johnson. 

They also had a coffee bar. Because this is Austin. :)

selling prices of the sought-after 70's stuff (sansui, marantz, pioneer) have probably doubled in the last ten years or so, probably driven by the resurgence of interest in vinyl. considering that many  of these pieces are now 50 years old, look great and still sound good, it doesn't really seem that indulgent--a lot of folk wouldn't think twice about dropping a couple of hundo on a bottle of bourbon or couple of grand on a painting. it does grind my gears when sellers ask big bucks for old stuff which has always been junk, which has the effect of pushing prices for desirable stuff even higher.