Ridiculous sale

Somebody is selling a Decware that sells at 2600 $ direct from the manufacturer for 4500 $ citing tha t you can pay that if you want to wait a year. This is a disgrace in Audiogon. Also TMR sales require you to go to their website and look for the product for information. Unfortunately the hobbiest mentality that predominated Audiogon Is being replaced by these dry, unfear actions and styles. What a shame.


Try and buy a house right now. Audiophiles know better than anyone how the cost goes up when the "gotta haves" just won't stop.

Remember that these outrageous prices are chump change for many of our bretheren. More power to them until it's their turn to sell!

I call that "strategic selling"

See the "make offer button?"

My guess is the bar is raised high, for anticipating buyers negotiating a lower, "reasonable' price. Seller likely will sell at a profit, but....you just never know?

Of course, there are those who just get what they want, when they want it. 



Right Now just about every used car and a lot of new cars are selling for more then blue book or MSRP. I sold my Tesla last year for 8K more then I paid new. Supply and demand my friends

I agree with the observations about TMR audio; their prices are getting closer and closer to original retail MSRP on their used goods and their "Certified" program offers pretty much nothing to the buyer. And, having to click thru to their site for product details is annoying. 


I enjoy Audiogon less and less over the last couple of years due to absurd pricing and candidly TMR and the guy in Chicago saturating the site with their products. I've found alternative sites to purchase from.

How often do you see decware amps on the used market? It seems most buyers don't end up selling them. If so, it's rarity + wait, not just wait. Could be wrong, but I looked for used before I gave in and got on the list. Maybe that's just my experience.