Right angle IEC power cable

Hi guys,

I am looking for a good power cable with right angle IEC to switch to a Mark Levinson preamp.

Do you know something interesting "terminated" in the market?

I saw some old PSAUDIO XSTREAM Radian but maybe I am looking for a better quality cable.

I have a Cardas Golden PC that I ordered through a dealer and they only charged like 20.00 more to do it. I would think most companies would accommodate you.
Really difficult to find one.

G. Cardas helped me and recommended me Schurter -electronic components company-. I am going to write them asking for these kind of connectors.
There is a Wattgate part that you use with their regular IEC part to do what you want. I use them on a couple of mono blocks that are a little big for the shelf they sit on to allow them to be pushed back an inch or so. Defiantly a DIY thing. Take Five Audio, RAM Electronics and Parts Express are doing custom cables these days. Maybe give them a call.