Right angle XLR adapter

I just purchased a new amplifier that is longer than my previous amplifier and now extends beyond the shelf in my hifi cabinet very close to the back wall. When I include the additional space necessary for the two XLR interconnects the space is very cramped. Is there a manufacturer that makes a quality right angle XLR adaptor where I can connect my XLR cables and gain an additional one to one and a half inches of space? I am using Nordost cables and want a quality adaptor that will not detract from the sound quality.

Thank you.


If all else fails, there’s a bunch of XLR right angles and short cords on Amazon.

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There are 90 degree xlr adapters.  This one is Adjustable. 

Search eBay item number:  373980982037

Usually, the #3 pin is located on the bottom of the receptacle in the unit.  Also, the #3 pin is in the direction of the 90 degree bend.  Which may not be the direction you want the cable to go.