Ringo Starr or Charlie Watts???

Charlie is rock solid, like clockwork. Ringo has a flair, more musical. Any thoughts? I myself have to go Ringo.
Ringo Starr was considered the best drummer in England when he left Rory Storm and the Hurricanes to join The Beatles. I believe that Charlie Watts lived in England at the time and he was never considered as formidable as Ringo. Different styles for different bands. I think that I wouldn't mind having either one in my band.
I really never noted the Beatles for drumming at all. Funny how some people get it and others don't - I certainly don't get it with Ringo - but I agree he is superb but is he remarkable? Melodies seems to stand out most in my mind coupled with rather simple back beats/fills.

The Stones, however, that is a for sure rhythmical blues/funky stuff. Charlie does a great job, IMHO. I reckon funk/blues and swing is real tricky on timing - just listen to David Garibaldi the "groovemaster" on Tower of Power, Wesley Finley of Rebelution, Keith Harris Black Eyed Peas, Steve Jordan or Steve Ferrone. To me each of these drummers give the music a lively "light" feel or touch - an ability that contrasts with heavily technical drummers like Neil Peart/Buddy Rich/Keith moon which seem to pound thinsg out metronomically...just two cents.
Hi Audiofeil,

We both got it slightly incorrect. According to the book "The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions" it was Andy White who played on at least one early Beatles song. This book is really interesting in an acedemic sort of way. It lists each Beatles' recording session and as accurately as possible (as can be determined) which Beatle played which instruments and which outside musicians or friends played on which songs.

I meant Andy not Adam.

I've been aware of this for quite some time but was listening to music and composing my post at the same time.

Some folks can't walk and chew gum simultaneously.

My source is "Beatlesongs" by William J. Dowlding.
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