RIP-Bill Pitcock lV

an incredible guitarist, and a key member of the Dwight Twilley Band. A sad day.....
Saw them at the Golden Bear in Huntington Beach in 1976. An unknown band called Tom Petty opened for them. Very sad day indeed.
Saw them in Campbell, California, at the Bodega (rock and roll night club) back in 1982. John Cowsill (drums) and Susan Cowsill (tambourine and backing vocals)) from the 60's band, The Cowsills were playin' in the the Dwight Twilley Band at the time - I remember them sounding great! Anyway, sorry to hear about Bill's passing. RIP Bill.
fantastic band--i've worn out numerous copies of their records. the guitar solos on "im on fire" and "sincerely" are incredible.
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