RIP Christine McVie

McVie's family said she "passed away peacefully" surrounded by loved ones at a hospital after a "short illness."


Her work with Bob Welch on Bare Trees and Mystery to Me is great, but not acknowledged enough. She, and Welch were critical to the mid-period of Mac and if you listen to this period, the sucessful format that the commercial Mac had later was already laid and present, before B&N joined. Great voice and songwriting. Check out these lps if you are a fan. IMHO some of her best songs. I was surprised to hear the news. 

God rest her soul, a complete shock when I heard. She was truly my favorite, with the most beautiful voice! She will be sorely missed. 

Off you go pretty birdy, just as I played "Songbird" at my mum's funeral as well. She will be missed dearly and hopefully playing songs in heaven with me mum by her side! RIP "Songbird"!

I miss the Songbird already.  When Stevie Nicks joined Fleetwood Mac one would think that Stevie and Christine would be rivals.  Christine was a class act and took Stevie under her wing (literally as they lived together) and mentored her.  I understand they were still very good friends.


I read a very interesting book "Making Rumors" written by the sound engineer Ken Caillat.  Excellent read and Christine McVie of course was a main character. This is a good place to learn more about the Songbird.  Miss you already.

What a loss of a great singer, musician, and songwriter. Very sad, but her music will continue to give joy to her fans, me being one of them.